Swensen’s Penang Is Officially Closing Down On 1st June After 15 Years Of Operations


  • Swensen’s Penang is officially closing down
  • The ice cream outlet has been operating at Auto City, Juru for the past 15 years
  • The last day of operations is on 1st June 2020

Penangites, ever since the global pandemic of COVID-19 hit us and MCO was in place, businesses everywhere struggled to stay afloat. Without a doubt, MCO forced all F&B businesses to take a 2-month hiatus. As the hiatus took its toll on business revenues, some are forced to close down for good. Today, we’re talking about Swensen’s Penang.

Swensen’s Penang Is Ceasing Operations On 1st Of June

As always, we’ll start off with some background info of Swensen’s. Established back in 1948 over at San Fransisco, Swensen’s serves over 180 flavours of ice cream. Then, this San Fransisco ice cream joint came over to Malaysia and opened an outlet right here in Penang. The Penang outlet is located in Auto City, Juru and ever since its opening, Penangites have been swarming over to get their dose of ice cream.

Swensen's Penang Closing
Photo: @nattytidarat

Did you guys know that Swensen’s Penang has been around for 15 years? When we were little, to some of us, Swensen’s Sundae is one of the best birthday treats from our parents that manage to leave all of us in a sugar rush. But of course, it’s a good kinda sugar rush because everyone loves ice cream, right?

Swensen's Penang Closing
Photo: @deetectivecustard (Instagram)

Aside from ice cream, Swensen’s is also a casual dining restaurant for both young and elderly. Their menu expanded from dessert to a wide variety of main courses such as burgers, pasta and more.

Swensen's Penang Closing
Photo: @thehalalfoodblog (Instagram)

However, as good as those times may be, there will always be a time when we have to bid farewell. And this is the kind of farewell that will leave a sweet mark in our hearts. Swensen’s Penang will officially cease its operations on 1st of June 2020 (Monday).

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Swensen's Penang Closing
Photo: @roamrabbit (Instagram)

One Last Trip To Swensen’s, Penangites?

And, worry not, if you’d like to savour Swensen’s for one last time, you still have 3 more days to do so. Perhaps take this final trip as a walk down memory lane and relive those nostalgia. Till next time foodies!

Address: 1819D, Jln Perusahaan Autocity, North South Highway, Juruinterchange, 13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: 11AM-11.30PM (Opens Daily)


Link(s): Website | Facebook

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Featured Image: melouist | @roamrabbit (Instagram)



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