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RM6.50 Ramen?! Cheapest Ramen in Penang

We know some of you might be thinking RM6.50 is not the cheapest ramen in Penang. We’re talking about cheap in terms of quality foodies. You might be thinking that one millennial area that serves super cheap ramen as well. But think again, is that even acceptable, their quality? Today, we’re introducing you guys a bowl of RM6.50 ramen in a coffee shop. You want to judge but hold it until the very end, okay?



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So Where is The “Cheapest Ramen in Penang?”

Tucked in Chang Sern Kopitiam along Belissa Row just a few shops away from Spade’s Burger, we found this hidden gem to be quite welcoming. Run by a couple, they only have two flavors of ramen: Garlic or Spicy Kimchi.

You might be thinking ramen in Penang, especially kopitiam ramen is a dud. We were skeptical at first too, but turns out we were very wrong. Just look how the uncle jiggles the noodle up and down to remove access water? Much dedication we’re talking about.

From the works of it, you can tell they’re quite passionate on what they’re doing. Carefully mixing the sauces to create the right broth.


Here comes the first bowl, Garlic Ramen (RM6.50). You can tell how it tastes like just by the name. Generous amount of garlic were used to cook the broth. Sweet, pungent and nutty, we loved it. There’s even half-boiled egg, seaweed and few pork slices in it. For a mere RM6.50 you get a decent bowl of ramen, what else to complain?


The next one, Spicy Kimchi Ramen (RM7.50). This is obviously no ordinary Japanese ramen. In fact, both are not authentic ramen, but rather Japanese-fusion. We thought this was more of a Korean-inspired. Don’t get us wrong, this one’s not bad either. Spicy, with generous amount of kimchi, making it a bit sourly as well. It has a numb aftertaste like mala. It spiced up our taste bud, thought we expected more from this since it’s a higher price. No soft-boiled egg, no seaweed, just a few pork slices and kimchi.

So Overall How Do These Cheap Ramen in Penang Taste?

Better than expected. Again, for a mere RM6.50 you get a bowl of comforting, hot ramen. They’re priced almost the same as some other hawker foods, so why not try something new once in a while? Feel free to judge all you want now.


RM6.50 Ramen Penang

Address: 304, Jalan Burma, 10250 Georgetown, Penang.
Operating Hour: 8 a.m. till sold out (Daily)


Taste: 6.5/10
Price: 5/10
Ambiance: 5/10
Experience: 6.5/10

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