Queensbay Mall Turns Into Enchanted Realm For Christmas 2018

This the season to be jolly ~

Hello, December! A magical month, full of joy and happiness is finally here! We may not have winter and snow to herald the season, but there are malls are doing extra fine getting us into the mood. Don’t you agree? If you are a Penangite, you will agree that Queensbay Mall always comes up with the most elaborate Christmas decorations that you can ever find in Penang and this year is no different.

Queensbay Mall Has Transformed Itself Into Magical Enchanted Realm For Christmas 2018

Photo by: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)

No dusting off last year’s Christmas ornaments, but surprise people with new and other ones each year. Remember your white Christmas wish came true when Queensbay Mall had turned into a whimsical winter wonderland, featuring snowfall in the mall during specific timings. This year, Christmas decoration in the mall taps into the theme of the Enchanted Realm, which will touch on the imaginary chord whereby fairy tales come alive right in front of your eyes. We are so excited!

Doorways To The Enchanted Realm

To celebrate the joy of Christmas, the mall has transformed the central atrium space into a magical enchanted forest! Featuring a fairytale theme this time, the place is decorated with giant florals and extremely tall toadstools of various colours, floral chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and the majestic wooden house marks the centrepiece of Queensbay Mall. Are you ready to enter the realm together for some magical moments through these golden gates? Let’s go!

Take a quick look at these breathtaking Christmas decorations in Queensbay Mall.

Photo: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)
Photo by: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)
Photo by: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)
Photo by: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)
Photo by: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)
Photo by: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)

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Photo by: Queensbay Mall (Facebook)

Last but not least, every corner of the Enchanted Realm in Queensbay Mall is so instagram-worthy, and whatcha waiting for? It is time to level up your Instagram feeds on this Christmas! Don’t forget to bring along your friends and family to capture magical moments and create memories that last for a lifetime.

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