Penang Prohibits Muslims From Visiting Grave For Aidilfitri This Year

It is customary for Muslims to visit the cemetery after Aidilfitri prayers. Paying respect to those that can’t join us in the celebration before visiting the living. However, in the light of current event, Penang forbids its Muslim residents from visiting the grave this year. It may be a little bit disappointing but hey, as long as everyone is safe right?

visit graves
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Postpone Grave Visits

Penang Islamic Religious Council (MAINPP) president, Datuk Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman announced that Muslim in Penang are not allowed to visit graves on Hari Raya Aidilfitri like they used to due to the conditional movement control order (CMCO). Especially since it is a sunat (optional) practice, Muslims were advised to postpone it.

visit grave
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He also added that it is not necessary to do recitation for the deceased during funerals. “Guidelines for other activities are still being formulated and will be announced within one or two days,” he continued in a press conference yesterday.

Conveying Duas From Afar

Although our annual Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration seems a little bit grim this year, don’t worry, things will work out for the better. Staying safe is a lot more important. Its okay friends, we can still convey our duas and prayers to our loved ones wherever we are. Remember that the pandemic is not over friends. Be vigilant at all time and see you in the next post!

Source: The Star

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