Dine-In Will Be Allowed At All F&B Premises In Penang From 18th May Onwards

Hello Penang Lang, it’s us again! We have more news regarding something important in the food scene. In the latest live announcement by Penang’s Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow, dining in at all F&B outlets will be allowed starting from 18th May onwards.

Dine-In Will Be Allowed At All F&B Premises In Penang From 18th May

In the previous announcement, dining-in policy took place in 2 phases. For the first phase, only eateries in hotels, shopping malls, and fast-food chains will allow dine-in. Also, strict SOP must be in practice for the eateries that are to reintroduce dining-in policy.

In today’s announcement, the second phase is being introduced. Starting from 18th May (Monday) onwards, ALL F&B premises in Penang have been given the green light to allow dining-in by patrons. However, these eateries must also abide the guidelines that will be enforced by MBPP and Kementerian Kesihatan Pulau Pinang. The SOP must also be in practice for these eateries.

On a side note, Penang CM also further explained that from 18th May, Penang will be entering the PKPB phase, as was previously announced by our Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Additionally, all businesses and sectors that were given the green light to operate under PKPB can begin operating in Penang as well.

To watch the entire announcement, click here.

Also, the state government has introduced a contact tracing app, PGCare. Essentially, it is a digital logbook that allows all visitors to register promptly by scanning the respective premise’s QR codes. This will allow frontliners to carry out contact tracing with ease.


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Always Stay Safe & Practise Good Hygiene

Before we go, despite the easing of regulations, the fight against COVID-19 isn’t over. So, as responsible citizens, let’s all do our part by abiding the SOP and practise a good sense of hygiene. Stay safe, everyone!

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