Business Hours For Essential Services In Penang Restricted To 6AM-8PM Daily

Just yesterday, our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the Movement Control Order will be extended until 14th April 2020. This extension is to further slow down the COVID-19 pandemic. While those are for the entire nation, let’s talk a little about the plans for our state, Penang.

Essential Services Providers Can Only Operate From 6 AM-8 PM

Our Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow has also revealed plans for Penang. Among them, there will be a package aid of RM75 million for Penangites. In addition, there’s also the newly-restricted operating hours for essential services in our state.

Penang MCO business hours
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Starting from the 25th of March, all essential services can only operate from 6 AM-8 PM daily.

Penang’s Chief Minister said, “We have agreed that all essential business premises will only be allowed to operate between 6 AM and 8 PM daily. These operating hours were decided based on the suitable operating hours routine for premises in Penang.”

Penang MCO business hours
Photo: @mikey_wes (Instagram)

This is a great way to encourage the #stayathome movement as no more business will operate after 8 PM every day. Although there are some Penangites who aren’t abiding by the Movement Control Order, this new rule will ensure that everyone will actually stay home as there no more operations taking place after the said hours.

In addition, free CAT bus services for the Central Area Transit route would cease operation during the MCO period.

Penang MCO business hours
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Meanwhile, the Rapid Penang bus services will only operate from 6 AM-10 AM and 5 PM – 10 PM, reducing to 70 percent.

Penang MCO business hours
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Always Stay Safe

While the Movement Control Order sees a majority of operations being put on hold, it really is for the best of our well-being. Reduce unnecessary outings and stay home, it’s the least we can do in trying times like this. Stay safe and stay hygienic at all times!

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