70,000 Pieces Of Rubbers Gloves Donated By Gloves Manufacturer To Help Combat COVID-19


  • Top Glove has donated 70,000 pieces of rubber gloves to government departments.
  • The departments include Ministry of Health (MOH), Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and more.
  • This donation is a method to work hand-in-hand with medical front liners to curb COVID-19

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been robbing lives all over the world. Yet, there are some of us who are still ignorant about the severity of the disease. Staying home is the best way to slow down the spread of COVID-19. While we’re all staying home, there are frontliners who work round-the-clock just to keep us safe. Surely, there must be some way that we, the citizens of Malaysia can give back to these hard-workers.

More Rubber Gloves Donated To Aid Fight Against COVID-19

TopGlove, the world’s largest rubber gloves manufacturer has done its part. Today, they’ve donated exactly 70,000 pieces or rubber gloves to several government departments including Ministry of Health (MOH), Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and more. Their donation is mainly to help frontliners curb and combat COVID-19.

Top Glove contributes gloves to combat COVID-19
Photo: @iADLEENA RAHAYU AHMAD RADZI (Buletin Mutiara)

We all know that masks are essential to the frontliners but we also overlooked the importance of rubber gloves. Gloves play a major role here as they serve as a form of protection against damage, disease, as well as chemicals. Medical officers serve a majority of their working hours dealing with those elements so we can already grasp how important are gloves.

Top Glove contributes gloves to combat COVID-19
Photo: @imranj1988 (Twitter)

Top Glove handed boxes of gloves over to the Komtar State Assemblymen, Teh Lai Heng earlier this evening. The manufacturing manager of TopGlove mentioned that their act of kindness is a form of solidarity with the frontliners in curbing COVID-19. Indeed, we are all in this together.

Top Glove contributes gloves to combat COVID-19
Photo: @KKMPutrajaya (Twitter)

Stay Safe And Stay At Home

During these crucial times, while we’re all abiding the MCO, why not take some time out and think about how we can contribute to the nation? A tiny effort goes a long way, especially in trying times like these. As we always say, remember to stay safe!

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