Penang Coffee Shop Resorts To Acrylic Dividers For A Peaceful Dine-In Experience

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Hello friends! Right now most of us are adjusting to the new dine-in procedures. Still, it may get a bit uncomfortable to deal with. Especially for patrons with big families, sitting apart from each other and sometimes on a different table altogether is frustrating. In addition, eateries can’t get as many customers as they should have been able to. Thus, it is high time that we look for a better solution than just separating seats.

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Gaining Maximum Diners With Acrylic Screens

Now here’s a sound solution for troubled eateries. A local coffee shop, Happy Cafe, in Taman Pekaka, set up acrylic screens to allow four diners to eat on the same table. Now families can have a meal together with ease. Regular customers were definitely pleased with the new installment. Surprisingly, people are willing to invest big bucks to comply with the MCO.

dine in mco
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A Pleasant Change

Factory worker Lim Swee Hoon, 42, and her husband, Sim Choo Liang, 44, who is self-employed, said “We have not seen any coffee shop allowing more than four people per table so far and this is a pleasant change. Now, people can come in and sit with their families instead of ordering takeaways,”

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The couple was fine to eat anywhere as a lot of places allow two patrons on a table. On the other hand, they understand that a lot of bigger families will benefit from this delightful development. “Hopefully, we can see more of this as we adapt to the new normal.”

Environmental Friendly

“I think it is a great way to reduce plastic usage too as we tend to use more plastic when we pack food home,” Said another diner, Dennis Yeoh, 31, who thinks that it was a creative way to stay ahead of the game. Since the MCO began, a lot of plastic containers and paper boxed were used for takeaways. So this is definitely a positive way to also save the environment.

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Learning From Observation

Peong Wai Loon, 43, the coffee shop owner, set up the acrylic screens on May 18 to serve more dine-in customers. Saying that they are learning from the approaches taken by restaurants in Wuhan.“I spent over RM3,000 to install these compartments and I had them custom-made by a factory in Jawi.” Although tending to the screens requires extra work, he thinks that it is all worth it.

dine in mco
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Meanwhile, some customers complained that they don’t have enough space for more dishes on the table, and it is really problematic when they want to share. Putting that aside, we think that this is a really great approach to the new norm. Well done guys!

Source: The Star

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