Penangite Draws A Futuristic Version Of Penang Featuring Komtar And Local Street Food

Penang's Pride

Hello there Penangites! While all of us love what our humble little island can provide, have you guys ever wondered what Penang would look like in the future? Well, this Penangite has created her own version of futuristic Penang for a video game contest – Overwatch. Keep reading to find out more!

Penangite Unveils Creative Artwork Of A Futuristic Penang

It’s not everyday that all of us are equipped with the creativity and imagination to create artworks. But there’s this Penangite,Penang-based illustrator Tan Qi Xyuan took part in the 2020 Southeast Asia (SEA) Overwatch Map Design Contest, and sent in a colourful concept artwork of Georgetown.

Photo: (Website)

Overwatch is an online game where players, in teams shoot down enemies on “maps”, or battlefields. In the game, there are landscapes of South Korea, Antarctica whereby players can choose from to engage in a virtual shoot-down with their enemies.

Photo: (Website)

Qi Xyuan originally intended to participate in the SEA 2020 Overwatch Map Design Contest. However, she missed the deadline hence her masterpiece is being shared on her Facebook profile instead. Because of this slip, Penangites now get to broaden their horizon and have a glimpse of a futuristic Penang.

Future Penang Drawing
Photo: @7xyuan奇璇 (Facebook)

Her artwork is impressive in the sense that it features a futuristic Georgetown together with Penang’s landmark, Komtar. In addition to that, she also incorporated Penang’s renowned street food into her artwork such as a Teh Tarik hologram, 888 Hokkien Mee signboard as well as Penang Road with an Ais Kacang/Chendul push-cart.

Also, in the Facebook post, Qi Xyuan included two other elements that make Penang unique namely the Trishaw and some Heritage Houses. Her creativity reels in a flood of compliments from other netizens because honestly, what’s there not to love?

Future Penang Drawing
Photo: @7xyuan奇璇 (Facebook)

Share Your Creative Artwork With Us!

This is once again a scenario that shows one’s creativity knows no bounds. Anyway, is your vision of Penang’s future similar to Qi Xyuan’s artwork? Share your creative artworks with us!

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