Malaysians Share 5 Best Coffee To Try From 7-Eleven When You Need A Coffee Break

Have You Tried Any?

Hello there foodies! Any coffee lovers here? It’s Friday and while we’re all at work, we all need some caffeine fix so we can get through this final day of work, right? Well, if you’re on a coffee break and you need some recommendations, we’ve got you covered. Head over to 7-Eleven and try out these 5 different brands of coffee instead.

7-Eleven Coffee Options For A Caffeine Fix

Convenience stores are here for a reason, it’s the place we all go to when we’re on a quick snack run. Although the 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia aren’t as much of a favourite compared to the ones in Thailand, but let’s all make do and appreciate what we have.


Remember how 7-Eleven always has our favourite ice cream? From Durian Mochi to Tealive Bobalicious, let’s all admit that 7-Eleven is indeed stepping up their game. But today, instead of ice cream, we’ll be talking about their coffee selection.

Wall's Bobalicious

When it comes to canned coffee, 7-Eleven provides plenty of options ranging from Wonda Coffee to Starbucks and all the way to OldTown White Coffee series. A Twitter netizen, @Ashril92 posted his recommendation of the OldTown White Coffee’s Salted Caramel and other Malaysians joined in, in agreement.

7-Eleven OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel
Photo: @Ashril92 (Twitter)

The OldTown White Coffee series consists of 3 flavours; Classic, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel. Out of the three, the Salted Caramel one seems to be quite a fan-favourite. Blending the slightly bitter flavours of coffee with a hint of sweetness and saltiness from the salted caramel, this can of coffee is indeed the best of both worlds.

1. OldTown White Coffee Series: Salted Caramel

7-Eleven OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel
Photo: @sofeazuzaini (Twitter)

Each can of OldTown White Coffee is priced at RM3.20 and we reckon it’s definitely a bang for your bucks. Aside from this series, other netizens hopped in on the bandwagon, suggesting their personally tried and tested coffee options from 7-Eleven. Let’s have a look!

2. Nescafe Caramel Macchiato

7-Eleven OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel
Photo: @heavenchoc (Twitter)

3. King’s Molten Latte

7-Eleven OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel
Photo: @hidazafin (Twitter)

4. WONDA Coffee Extra Presso

7-Eleven OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel
Picture: @bebobsonic (Twitter)

5. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Doubleshot

7-Eleven OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel
Photo: @AidilPutraAn (Twitter)

Let Us Know Your Go-To Coffee Options From 7-Eleven

So, what do you think of these? Have you tried out any of the coffee that our friends recommend? Or, feel free to let us know your favourite coffee options at 7-Eleven. Till next time!

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