This Local Artist Draw Quirky Caricatures Of Penang’s Popular Spots

Quirky and cute!

For those who religiously keep tabs on the local art scene, then you should already know this guy. Holder of 2 Malaysia Book of Record (MBR), Azmi Hussin has published three comic books that feature nostalgic scenes around our beloved Island of Pearls. Given that we can’t enjoy these scenes ourselves right now, how about taking a trip down memory lane with some of his works instead?

Penang caricature
Photo: @PenangGlobalTourism (Facebook)

Explore Penang’s Nooks And Crannies With Azmi Hussin

Penang caricature
Photo: @PenangGlobalTourism (Facebook)

Penang-born cartoonist, Mohd Azmi Mohd Hussin was a former technician who turned into a full-time caricature artist. In 2017, he gained a Malaysia Book of Record (MBR) for drawing the most caricatures for 24 consecutive hours! In 2019, he received another MBR for the ‘Longest Coffee Painting’ in Malaysia which is 101m-long!

Photo: @PenangGlobalTourism (Facebook) Penang caricature

Penang Artist

Recently, in December 2020, he even made a mural of Penang’s most legendary football players at Penang City Stadium. Man, what an accomplishment!

Penang mural
Photo: @PenangHyperlocal (Facebook)

If you share the same level of passion towards Penang as this guy, then boy oh boy aren’t you in for a treat! Because some of these illustrations are taken from his debut book, Tanjong Life, where the main character explores Penang in nostalgic narratives.

From The Trishaw Man To Gurney Drive Pasembur Stall

Penang caricature
Photo: @PenangGlobalTourism (Facebook)

Each of these pictures comes with a narrative that we all can relate to. Like the occasional upbeat “performance” you get from the pasembur stall owner in Gurney Drive, or the slightly senget Queen Victoria Memorial Tower. In addition, he even expressed his appreciation towards traditional and local craftsmen (and women) in it. Of course, these are only some out of many other quirky adventures featured in his books.

Penang caricature
Photo: @PenangGlobalTourism (Facebook)
Penang caricature
Photo: @PenangGlobalTourism (Facebook)

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Source: Penang Global Tourism

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