Penang Artist’s Sculpture Will Be Presented At London Art Biennale 2021

London Art Biennale is the second most important international art exhibition after Venice. This large-scale exhibition of contemporary art happens every two years. And guess what? This Penang Artist is given the chance to showcase his masterpiece at the Art Biennale 2021 in London.

Ch’ng Huck Theng’s Creation Selected For London Art Biennale 2021

Photo: The Star

Ch’ng Huck Theng is not only a talented Malaysian Artist but also the President of the Penang Art Society and Board of Trustees of the National Art Gallery, Malaysia. To our surprise, Ch’ng did not have any intention of being an artist when he started painting. He simply learned it to repair his broken porcelains. After a while, he begins to enjoy it and decided to make it a weekend routine. Now, his art journey has spanned almost three decades.

Photo: Galeri Seni Mutiara (Website)

His bronze and wood sculpture titled ‘Embracing Oneself Again’ is selected for one of the biggest contemporary art exhibition in London. The exhibition will take place at Chelsea Old Town Hall from 30th June 2021 until 4th July 2021. Thousand of application were received worldwide. Hence, he did not expect anything when he submitted his application. He was pleasantly surprised when he heard the news and it has motivated him to continue his journey further.

Malaysian Artists Recognised At World Stage!

Ch’ng has achieved so many awards throughout his art journey. Ch’ng told that this event is “an affirmation that Malaysian artists have the talent to be on the world stage.” Since Malaysia is blessed with cultural diversity and rich histories, he believes that with an open mind, we can create amazing inspired arts.

Source: The Star & Luxurious Magazine

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