Netizen Spotted An Uncle Struggling To Sell Off Cut Fruits Along Penang Road During FMCO

The pandemic hasn’t been easy on most of us. Local businesses are once again being hit by FMCO. For stalls run by the older generation, it’s even harder for them to stay afloat as they have limited resources, or simply have no access to social media. Recently, a netizen spotted an uncle struggling to sell off his cut fruits along Penang Road.


Uncle Spotted Struggling To Sell Off Cut Fruits Along Penang Road During FMCO:

Photo: Xiao Huīī (Facebook)

According to a Facebook post by Xiao Huīī, she explained that she was out for a takeaway when she spotted a tiny cut fruits stall run by a humble uncle. The uncle had been waving at passerby to grab their attention but few noticed. 

The uncle said that it doesn’t matter if he couldn’t earn much, the least he could do is to sell off all his cut fruits so that he could call it a day. He’ll have to throw away all his unsold cut fruits if he didn’t manage to sell them off since they would go bad the next day.

Photo: Xiao Huīī (Facebook)

He would even sell his cut fruits at a cheaper price to avoid waste. Despite the lockdown, he’s all geared up and still sets up his stall each day to make an honest living with his own two hands.

Let’s Show Some Support to Small Businesses This FMCO:

Small vendors and businesses truly need local support during this time of the pandemic. The uncle’s stall is located next to Tong Seng Hainanese Chicken Rice at Penang Road. Foodies, let’s help to spread the word and show some support to this uncle. If you know of any other small vendors or stalls that are struggling to stay afloat and need help with some exposure, let us know in the comments. Together, we can get through this. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

Location: Next to Tong Seng Hainanese Chicken Rice. 406, Jln Penang, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

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