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Penang Airport Guide: 5 Things You Need To Know

Yes, Penang has an airport although it’s an island, or else how can you get here? All jokes aside, with 6,258,756 passenger traffic, no doubt Penang International Airport (PEN) is ranked Malaysia’s third busiest airport. Each year, more and more people would come to adore The Pearl of the Orient, driving more traffic to the airport. But how much do you know about Penang airport ?

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Where is Penang Airport ?

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Located in Bayan Lepas area in the south-east of Penang Island, Malaysia, Penang International Airport is approximately 14 kilometres from George Town city center. That takes about 30-minute drive by car and an hour half by bus, depending on which route you take. On the way to the airport early in the morning, why not stop by at Joo leong Coffee Shop for some egg and toast? They serve only eggs and toasts but trust us it’s one of the best breakfast spots in town!

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Penang Airport Food Directory

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When talked about airport food, most people hate it due to its bland and limited varieties, plus it’s expensive (RM20+ for a plate of nasi lemak?!). Here in Penang airport, it’s a whole different story, there are so many choices to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of Chinese food, fast food or even local delicacies, Penang airport got you covered. From McDonald’s to dim sum and nasi kandar, you’ll never feel hungry anymore. Craving for some sweet tooth? Dunkin Donuts and Secret Recipe are here to the rescue! (Penang International Airport also has Starbucks to chill out). They’re mostly located on Level 2 of the airport, with dim sum and nasi kandar on Level 1.

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Shop And Indulge At Penang Internation Airport


What’s the best way to kill time at the airport while waiting for transit other than food? Shopping of course, not to even mention duty-free shops. Located on Level 1, you can get some shopping done at the Duty Free Emporium for your friends and family to bring back to your country or hometown. Penang airport also has stores dedicated entirely to chocolates and sweet treats so be sure to check them up (Ps Level 2). Forgot your makeup bag or broke your shoes? They have makeup flagship stores and counters and Shoepoint as well on Level 2 so don’t worry.

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Penang Airport Online


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Men, this is for you. Cigar and liquor sections are waiting for you on Level 2 as well, and did we mention that Penang International Airport has a Cigar Lounge?

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How to Get out of Penang Airport?

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Passengers arriving at Penang have a choice of public transport available. There are taxis, of course, but there are also 3 bus routes taking visitors into the capital city. The Rapid Penang service has its own bus counter on the ground floor level of the arrivals hall and a ticket for bus line U401 costs around 2 – 3 Ringgit. The bus will stop at a number of halts until it gets to Komtar. Due to the many stops, this service can be a lot slower than the name “Rapid” might suggest!

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Taxi counter is available in the arrivals hall where passengers can ask for assistance. Once they know which hotel you’re heading for, they will issue a voucher to the visitor, for which the visitor pays and the tourist then takes the paid voucher to the taxi stand. The taxi driver issues a counterfoil to confirm that the transaction has been concluded once they deliver you safely to their destination. This system is designed to reassure foreign tourists, who might be worried that due to language difficulties they might not negotiate the correct fare. (Ps: If this is a hassle, just take Grab or Uber lah !)

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If you still have confusion or are curious on what Penang International Airport looks like, book your flights here and come to experience Penang like a local with our guide! Do visit Penang Foodie for more guide and tips and don’t forget to share them to your peers. Cheers and have a great day ahead!

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