New: Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Is Now Available At Xing Fu Tang

2019 is almost over but you’d definitely agree with us that the bubble tea scene in Malaysia is still going strong. And if you’re a bubble tea lover, here is a piece of news that will definitely make your day better! Taiwan’s number one bubble tea, Xing Fu Tang is taking its menu to another level by launching Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream! Read on to find out more.

Xing Fu Tang: Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream

What is the first thing that comes across your mind when you heard Xing Fu Tang? Brown Sugar Boba Milk, of course! And now, you can now enjoy your favourite drink with a twist. Known as Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream, Xing Fu Tang’s latest creation is a wonderful combination of fresh milk soft serve and brown sugar goodness together with warm chewy pearls.

If you need some good ice cream to cool you down, but bubble tea sounds good too, this is for you! Instead of a bubble tea, you’ll get your sweet dessert served in ice cream form. The best part of all, the traditional process of stir-frying pearls adds a stronger burnt caramelized taste to the desserts and the pearls are softer in texture as well. You’ll surely fall in love at first bite.

Moreover, one thing you should know about this news is that not all the Xing Fu Tang outlets have this new dessert readily available. Some of the Xing Fu Tang might miss out on this but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will launch them across every outlet soon. Below is the list of the outlets which will launch the Brown Sugar Boba Soft Serve.

  • Xing Fu Tang @ Hutton White House
  • Xing Fu Tang @ Bayan Lepas
  • Xing Fu Tang @ City Junction
  • Xing Fu Tang @ Kuantan
  • Xing Fu Tang @ Kota Bharu
  • Xing Fu Tang @ Alor Setar (Coming Soon)

Are you excited to try it out?

When brown sugar boba meets ice cream, it’s the best of both worlds! So if you live nearby any of these participating outlets, head over and get your hands on this new soft serve. Try it out and tell us if you love it! Till next time, foodies!

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