MCO 2.0: This Restaurant in Penang Gives Free Meals to Those in Need Daily

The pandemic has changed our lives. Many have lost their jobs, and some are struggling to make ends meet. It also during this time that we see a lot of inspiring stories that makes the world a better place. This restaurant in Penang, offers free meals to those in need during the whole MCO 2.0. In fact, they’ve done it before, when the first MCO was implemented.

This Restaurant in Penang Gives Free Meals to Those in Need Daily:

Photo: Big Boss Banana leaf Restaurant (Facebook)

We’re talking about Big Boss Banana Leaf Restaurant that is located at Nibong Tebal (opposite NT Vinayagar Temple). The owner of the restaurant, M. Moganasundram said he is offering 100 free packs of rice and dishes for free to the public until 26th of January. If MCO 2.0 were to extend, they’ll still be doing it until the very last day.

Photo: Mogan Penang (Facebook)

“For me, money is not a priority, instead doing good to fellow human beings, regardless of race and religion, is, because there are still among us who are not as fortunate as us and living in poverty. So, we have to help,” he said.

The restaurant will start preparing the food at 3 p.m. and by 6 p.m, they’re ready for distribution. They will set aside 10 kg of rice, 100 fish, 100 chicken eggs, 100 pieces of chicken and vegetable every day. Distribution happens from 6-8 p.m. each day, and they try to rotate the menu for side dishes daily.

Photo: Mogan Penang (Facebook)

Goh Cheng Weng, 65, said that the owner of the restaurant would call him up to the shop and give him free food.

A huge shoutout to the owner and the people of Big Boss Banana Leaf Restaurant for such a good deed. Love has no boundaries and we’re so happy to see so much kindness going on.

Photo: Mogan Penang (Facebook)

Foodies, if you happen to know someone who’s in need, offer them a little kindness or show them how they could get help. Also, let us know in the comments if there’s any local businesses or families that are in dire need of help. We’ll try our best to lend them a voice, that’s all, have a great day ahead, and buh bye!

Source: Malay Mail

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