Malaysia’s First Vanilla Smart Farm Is Located In Bukit Mertajam, Penang

This Farm Has A Self-Watering System

To all the bakers out there, this article may interest you. If you’re a Penang ‘lang’ as well then this is one more thing for you to be proud of being a Penangite. If you’ve not heard, Penang now has Malaysia’s first vanilla smart farm. Isn’t that exciting? Well, read on for more information about the first vanilla smart farm in the country!


This Is Malaysia’s First Vanilla Smart Farm

Vanilla Plant

We’re probably all familiar with how important of a role the vanilla products (vanilla extract, vanilla beans, vanilla paste, and more) play in the baking world. Moreover, a little of the vanilla product goes a long way. Well, we have some great news! At the border of¬†Permatang Pauh Agropark in Penanti, there is now a vanilla smart farm. Yes, our very own vanilla extract and more.

There are a total of more than 1,000 vanilla trees that will be ready for harvest in three years are growing on 0.8 hectares of land. Besides that, the company aims to grow 8,000 vanilla trees on the land as well. That is a lot of trees and this is where smart farming comes in to play. A vanilla tree requires high humidity and low temperature to grow and blossom which is why these technologies are needed for these vanilla trees especially in our hot weather. Moreover, with this system, it is able to detect highly hot weather or excessively dry soil before going into action and adjust the environment that is perfect for the plants.

Photo: @kairosagriculture (Facebook)

There’s more to this smart farm! Technologies are also used to monitor the surroundings of the land that will also enable the vanilla tree to grow faster. Besides that, the company is also looking to use more technology to help with the growth of these vanilla trees. Moreover, with a large amount of harvest, the company is also planning to export its products.

Here’s an exciting part! Besides vanilla trees, there are different crops that are growing on the land as well. So, the company is also looking to open its very own cafe on the farm using their own crops by Christmas. Yes, you heard it here first that there will be a cafe on this vanilla smart farm. So you can have a taste of these locally grown crops while enjoying the view of the land that the crops are from.


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