RM10mil Zero Interest Loan For Penang Tourism Industry Players

Keep your hopes up!


  • Eligible Penang Tourism players can apply for Skim Peka 2.0.
  • Submit applications from May 27 until June 12.
  • Submit completed form at Komtar, level 3.

Tourism is one of the most badly affected industries as of this year. Travelling is banned and people were forced to stay within their residential area. Making it almost impossible for them to receive any customers or offer any of their services. As the nation is trying to bounce back from the tragedy, the government is doing its best to make sure that every industry has the chance to get back to their own two feet.

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Zero Interest Loan For Tourism Player

Penang government came up with the RM10mil Penang Business Continuity Zero Interest Loan (Skim Peka 2.0) to keep any businesses from going down. It is now available for eligible tourism industry players. Therefore, qualified tourism industry players must submit your application before June 13.

Yeoh Soon Hin

Penang tourism, arts, culture, and heritage committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin said in a statement that they offer the interest-free loan is through the Penang Aid Package 2.0. “As the state works towards formulating long-term tourism recovery plans, we hope that this interest-free loan can alleviate the financial burdens of those involved and improve the cash flow of the sectors involved in tourism, ” he said.

Download And Submit At Komtar

You can now download the application form at and submit the completed form at Level 3 Komtar. “A counter will be set up from May 27 to June 12 from 10 am to 4 pm for submission of the application form with enclosed documents, ” he continued. You can call 017-581 5133/ 04-6505133 or e-mail on weekdays from 10 AM to 4 PM for more information. Don’t lose hope yet!

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