LIANG Sandwich Bar is Opening in Gurney Plaza

Jay Chou Fans You Shouldn't Miss This

If you didn’t already know, Jay Chou, the ever famous and talented singer Jay Chou is the ambassador of LIANG Sandwich Bar! We saw some of the comments saying “Wonder how much did they pay him to advertise?” Well we have no idea, but we sure know LIANG Sandwich Bar must be something. Guess what? It’s opening in Gurney Plaza, seems like Gurney gets a lot of good stuff coming.


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About LIANG Sandwich Bar:

Originated in Taiwan and crowned as “The Country’s Snacks” by China. LIANG Sandwich Bar has over 12,800 outlets across the globe! That’s a huge number we’re talking about. Different from those fluffy white bread sandwich, LIANG Sandwich Bar sticks to the Chinese tradition. Using Chinese Scallion Pancake as the “bread,” the inside is filled with your favourite modern ingredients. Cheese, eggs, chicken, you name it.

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So When is it Available in Penang?

Drooling? The thing is, we Penangites are not the first in Malaysia to get to try it out. LIANG Sandwich Bar is already available in KLIA 2 and Johor Bahru back in February. Penangites, wait a little more, you can get it starting from the 28th of May. We’ll see if you could meet us there during the opening because remember? We kiasu.

We hope this time around, we don’t have to queue, unlike the McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger case. But take a look at the crowd during Mount Austin’s Outlet opening. Curious to find out how it tastes like? Mark your calendar or patiently wait for our video okay?

Credit: @cheev


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