Breaking News: A&W is back in Penang!

Updated Official Launch Date*

Remember the root beer float you had back then as a kid? Penangites, till today we bet you’d still remember the label on that root beer float. That’s right, it’s A&W, the only root beer float you could recall. Remember they used to have it in Gurney Plaza but one day it just closed down in silence? No worries, you could relive your childhood as A&W Penang is back in 1st Avenue Mall Penang!



About A&W:

Founded in 1919, California, A&W came to Malaysia in 1963, same year as Malaysia (that’s some history). Now we know there’s A&W across the bridge, at mainland but somehow it’s a bit too far. With A&W Penang opening in 1st Avenue Penang, we Penangites get to eat as much golden curly fries and root beer float!

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So When is A&W Penang Opening?

The opening of A&W Penang still remains a myth, all we know is the location. We believe 1st Avenue Mall Penang was the one who leaked the news, so be sure to keep updated with them through their Facebook Page. We might see you there during the opening of A&W Penang (we kiasu). Now time for some eyegasms.

HUGE UPDATE*: It has been confirmed, A&W Penang is opening on the 24th of June 2018! It’s a Sunday, bring your friends or family or both to enjoy!

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A&W Penang @ 1st Avenue

Address:  Lot No LG-03, Lower Ground Floor , 1st Avenue Mall, Penang.
Operating Hour: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)

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  1. Penang Hill lower station going to have A&W as well. It’s 1 o’clock from the main entrance
    You wont miss it if you’re coming out from the train on your left

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