KyoChon Malaysia is Coming Back to Penang?! Here’s What We Know

We can't wait!

Good day foodies, we have just heard an exciting news and we can’t wait to share with you all! Remember how sad it was to bid goodbye to the Korean fried chicken chain, KyoChon Malaysia that was situated at G Hotel Penang a year ago? We heard they’re making a comeback, to our beloved island!

Is Kyochon Malaysia Really Coming Back to Penang?

Photo: KyoChon Malaysia (Facebook)

KyoChon Malaysia has just posted a photo of the iconic “boy on the motorcycle” mural in Penang with the caption “Cuba teka kita nak bawak ayam ni ke mana?” Which translates to “Guess where we’re going to bring this chicken?” If that is not a teaser, we don’t know what is.

Photo: KyoChon Malaysia (Facebook)

The intention is clear, Kyochon is indeed COMING BACK! We’re super excited because we love their fried chicken, and we believe many Penangites feel the same too. (Their Soy Garlic fried chicken wings? oomph)

While it’s unsure exactly where will they open its Penang outlet, KyoChon Malaysia once again teased us with another status update less than 5 hours ago, with Bayan Baru being mentioned. So Bayan Baru, Penang it is, and we’ll have to wait until further updates.

Photo: KyoChon Malaysia (Facebook)

Foodies, are you as excited as we are? Don’t forget to tag and share this news to all your friends who have missed KyoChon. We’ll be sure to update you guys again once we get the full details. As for now, be patient, stay safe, and have a great day ahead, buh bye!

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