Penang’s First Dessert Conveyor Store Is Now Offering Brunch, Pasta And More

Hello, amazing foodies! It’s August and we hope everyone’s enjoying themselves with good food! Be it a small cake to sweeten up your day or a salmon dish to level up your game, we know it’s hard to find them both together at a place. But worry not, because we just found a place that’s got a range of desserts and a list of Western fares. Ready? Well, it’s none other than Me & U at Sunrise Tower!

Opened its doors at the beginning of the year, Me & U is dessert heaven that offers a range of beautiful desserts and croissants. But if you think that’s all they’ve got, then you’re wrong. That’s because they are now introducing a menu for brunch, pasta, snacks and more! And we’ve got to admit, it might be better than their desserts! So, without further ado, shall we take a look at what they’ve got to offer?


When it comes to a dessert spot, there’s always an urge to find something savoury to pair with the sweets. And that’s why Me & U has rolled out a savoury menu. Presenting a menu with over 20 types of snacks and main courses, let’s get started with brunch!

1. English Breakfast

Classic English Breakfast is no foreign name to the world of brunch. But this plate of English Breakfast has surprised us. Fluffy beaten egg white that is seasoned with some sugar, it definitely has added some unique point to this dish. Not to mention, the soft cloud of egg white adds a contrasting texture to the garlic buttered bread slices too. Making this a dish filled with fun texture! Recommend for a try!

2. Fried Chicken with Croissant

Perfect for any lazy days, Fried Chicken with Croissant is a plate loaded with a crunch. Crispy fried chicken that is filled with juice inside, you can either eat it alone or clipped in the croissant. Oh and don’t forget to spread a layer of pesto butter before you place slices of fried chicken on the croissant! Additionally, add some greens to add more crunch too!

Main Dishes

On top of the brunch menu, you definitely can’t miss out on the mains. Offering 3 types of meats, all these dishes come along with a side of smooth mashed potatoes and colourful vegetables! Wondering what these three mains are? Scroll down for the spill!

1. Crispy Salmon

Salmon is a great option for Omega-3 fatty acids. While cooking it at home makes the kitchen smelly, why not skip the hassle and have it cooked perfectly right in front of you? Sprinkled with a good amount of peppery spice and herbs, don’t forget to dip in the creamy sauce before eating!

2. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is easy to make. But to retain the juiciness in the meat, it’s not as simple as it is. But Me & U has done an excellent job on it. Similar to the previous dish, this is another plate filled with aromatic herbs. A secret tip from us: scoop a spoonful of mashed potato and dip into the chicken sauce! Yum!

3. Braised Beef

A black visual that may make some people turn their heads away, this is actually a dish we liked. Simmered in a sauce that resembles the classic Russian dish – Borscht (without beets) soup, it’s the tender meat that makes our spoon go in for more.


Let’s admit, when it comes to Western dishes, you can’t forget about pasta. Offering different sauces like Pesto and Beef Bolognese, they also serve Aglio Olio here too. Seasoned with a slightly spicy punch, Aglio Olio is a simple dish that gives an aromatic garlic flavour. Definitely worth a try! Otherwise, if you’re looking for something nutty and refreshing, we recommend the Pesto Pasta!

1. Pesto Pasta

2. Aglio Olio

3. Beef Bolognese

Healthy Salads

Alright, if you’re looking for something refreshing, Me & U got you covered too! Whether it’s a savoury one or a sweet salad, you can find it all on the menu. As for us, we tried their Chix Caesar Salad and Fruits Salad. Refreshing salad vegetable that is topped off with pieces of cheddar crisps, it’s the Chix Caesar Salad that has won over our hearts. Fret not to give it a try when you’re at Me & U!

1. Chix Caesar Salad

2. Fruits Salad

Creamy Soups

Soups make a great complement to other main dishes. And at Me & U, they’ve brought it to another level that makes the soup as important as the mains. All soups come in thick consistency that captures all the flavours. We can’t decide which is better because all of them have truly made an impressive impression in our minds.

1. Onion Soup

2. Pumpkin Soup

3. Wild Mushroom Soup

Snacks For A Little Munch

Here come snacks for a little crunch. And when it comes to snacks, who can resist the wonders of fried food? Offering large onion rings, fried chicken and fried prawns, we truly love them all! But the champion that has won our hearts, is definitely their Battered Onion Rings! A bite into this, the fragrant onion taste burst out in flavours! And when paired with the tartar sauce, it makes it to another level!

1. Battered Onion Rings

2. Spiced Chix Wings

3. Crispy Fried Prawns

Beautiful Drinks And Desserts

A trip to Me & U without trying their signature drinks and desserts is a big no-no. This time around, we tried their Cloud Coffee, Chocolate Frappuccino and Cafe Latte! We’ve got to say, it’s definitely worth a try. While the Cafe Latte is no different than others, we recommend trying their Cloud Coffee. A layer of coffee, milk and whipped cream, what do you say? Worth an Instagram story, right?

1. Chocolate Frappuccino

2. Cloud Coffee

3. Cafe Latte

Instagrammable Cakes

Yes! It’s time for the cakes! Consists of a desserts-go-round conveyor belt, can you really stop your hand from reaching the desserts? Well, not for us! And if you don’t know what to order, fret not to order what we ordered! (It was delicious)

1. Coconut Mousse Cake

2. Blueberry Cheesecake

3. Blueberry Cake

4. Matcha Cheesecake

5. Chocolate Mango Mousse Cake

6. Cheesecake

Let Your Friends And Family Know!

Offering snacks that fix your cravings and mains to fill your tummy, Me & U is a spot to visit if you’re finding a place that has good food and desserts. Here’s a little information on how you can find them and where!

Operating Hours: 12:30PM – 9PM (Mon – Thurs) | 12:30PM – 12AM (Fri – Sun)

Location: 190, Sunrise Tower, Persiaran Gurney, George Town, Malaysia.

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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