KyoChon Dropped Another Teaser To Penangite – Reopening THREE New Outlets In November?!

The question is where??


  • Kyochon dropped another teaser to Penangites.
  • Reopening in November.
  • 3 new outlets under construction.

How are you doing foodies?! Looks like KyoChon is dropping us another piece of very exciting news! It was so discreet, you have to stalk them to get this info. Looks like it won’t be long till we get to greet our lovable fried chicken joint again! They are coming back with a bang ya’ll!

KyoChon Comeback Penang
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

Reopening In November

Apparently, whoever that is managing KyoChon’s social media account is doing a very good job. They have been actively replying to fans on their Facebook page and dropping bombs everywhere enough to keep us on the edge.

Photo: @KyoChonMy (Facebook)

KyoChon Comeback Penang
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

When they finally give in to netizen’s plea and dropped this little hint saying that it is currently under construction and it will be done in November.

KyoChon Comeback Penang
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

Not 1 But 3 New Outlets??!

Not only that, but they also announced that their comeback will be three times bigger than what we have imagined. Literally!

KyoChon Comeback Penang
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

Aiyoo, now they want to play hide and seek pulak! This one fan makes a very notable guess though.

 KyoChon Comeback Penang
Photo: @KyoChonMalaysia (Facebook)

Well, wherever it is, the netizen is extremely glad and excited for this comeback. So keep your eyes peeled on KyoChon Malaysia’s social media pages. Cross your fingers and hope that they will announce it this month! (Let’s just hope that this is not a prank) In the meantime, stay safe friends!

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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