This Cafe Has Overflowing Sushi Toppings, Torched Sushi And Cold Soba

Hello, foodies! Penang is food heaven for street foods, but let’s admit, the cafe scene here hits the point too. From minimalist cafes that offer delish brunch menus to conveyor belt desserts, today we will be uncovering another hidden gem. Located opposite to Han Chiang Primary School, this is a place that dishes authentic Japanese fares. It’s none other than Kenko with towering sushi fillings!

Tucked in a row of shophouses, Kenko is easily spotted with a clean white and brown exterior that vibes a classic Japanese feel. Furnished with bamboo poles that add an elegant touch to the modern style, this is a spot for Instagrammers and food lovers. Without further ado, shall we take a look at what they’ve got to offer?

Start Off With Some Small Bites

1. Potato Salad Tower (RM11.90)

Classic comfort food that features a savoury combination of creamy mashed potato and crunchy vegetables, this is a dish that plays with texture. Not to mention, the generous amount of Tobiko or flying fish roe adds a crunchy burst of umami flavours too. A great dish to prepare your tummy for the mains, make sure to dig in with a spoon!

2. Battle Ship (1 Set – RM25.90)

This has got to be one of our favourite dish on Kenko’s menu, it’s the Battle Ship sushi. Classic Gunkan Sushi that is filled with a towering amount of toppings, the Battle Ship is a sushi platter that comes with 4 different flavours. Featuring Tuna Mayo, Corn Mayo, Kani Mayo and Tobiko toppings, these 8 pieces of sushi comes at a hefty price of only RM25.90!

3. Home Run Sushi Ball (RM19.90)

Perfect for a quick munch before the mains, these are sushi that is shaped into cute spheres. Featuring 3 toppings such as sashimi, avocado and unagi, these sushi balls are something you shouldn’t miss out on. Slightly torched to get a fine char, it adds a mild smokiness that you normally wouldn’t find in a sushi dish.

4. Salmon Sushi (Promotion – 10 pcs for RM15)

When it comes to fresh Salmon Sushi, the price is never a wallet-friendly one. However, that’s not the case here. Perfectly sliced salmon fish that’s laid on top of sushi rice, it’s the slight tanginess from the rice that emanates the freshness of the fish. And to get the best of out this, fret not to dip in some wasabi and soy sauce!


1. Stamina Don (RM14.90)

A beautiful rice dish that consists of simple ingredients, the Stamina Don is what you need for a balanced diet. Featuring protein-rich runny egg, crab meats, tobiko and seaweed, the avocado adds a touch of healthy fats to the colourful dish. Make sure to give it a good mix before you dig in!

2. Ikura Soba (RM18.90)

Cold soba is the best noodle dish to kick the heat. A simple buckwheat noodle dish leveled up with a spoonful of salmon roes, you can’t forget about the raw quail egg on the side. Simply pour the quail egg over the noodles and then dip into the sauce! Offering two flavours of soba, just pick your favourite one!

1. Ikura Cha Soba

2. Ikura Zaru Soba

Desserts & Drinks

1. Red Bean Butter Toast (RM4.50)

Fancy a sweet dessert at the end of a meal? Then, you’ve got to try their Red Bean Butter Toast. Crunchy on the edges and soft buttery goodness on the inside, we bet you’ve never tried this Japanese dessert before. Not to mention, the chocolate sauce adds a soft bitterness that balances well with the sweet red bean.

2. Must-Try Beverages

Kenko is an expert in Japanese fares and the beverages just add more points to the good rating. Leaning on the sweeter note, we recommend their Matcha Red Bean. A classic Japanese duo that includes some bitterness, sweetness and nuttiness, it’s also a refreshing drink to cool off the heat. Otherwise, opt for a simple Barley Lime or Lemongrass beverage to help quench the thirst.

1. Matcha Red Bean (RM12.90)

2. Barley Lime (RM5.90)

3. Lemongrass (RM5.90)

Time To Add Kenko To Your Cafe-Hopping List

Offering classic Japanese fares from Sashimi Sushi to Red Bean Butter Toast, Kenko is the spot to enjoy a meal and have girl talks over the afternoon. Not to mention, the quiet ambiance and minimalist designs here are great for anyone who wants to get some work done or simply, to read a book. Hop on to the most important info, here’s a little spill on how you can find them and where!

Operating Hours: 11:30AM – 9PM (Daily)

Address: No.94 Lebuh Lim Lean Teng, George Town, Malaysia 11600

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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