Unique Restaurant In Langkawi Serves Traditional Nasi Talam In The Middle Of A Paddy Field

Hello friends! Happy Monday! If your brain isn’t exactly functioning well due to Monday blues, maybe we can lend a helping hand. Today, we’ll be talking about this restaurant with a rather unique concept that we reckon can be your weekend plan. This way, you’ll be looking forward to the weekend and have a productive week ahead. There’s a restaurant in Langkawi that takes you back to nature as diners can feast on Malaysian cuisine right in the middle of a paddy field. It’s none other than Seashells Restaurant in Langkawi.

Seashells @ Laman Padi, Langkawi Is Filled With Kampung Ambiance

We know it may not necessarily be in Penang, so, shall we take a virtual tour over to Langkawi for a bit? If you’ve ever been to Langkawi for a quick island getaway, you’ll know that it’s ideal for a tranquil and soul-soothing retreat. And, not to mention, the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, it’s a tropical getaway like no other.

Seashells Cenang Langkawi
Photo: @magicalboxbymommyd(Instagram)

Seashells Restaurant in Cenang has a unique dining concept. It maintains the Malay Kampung ambiance, as the restaurant inherits the Sawah Padi as a dining area. Patrons will have a feast smack in the middle of a rice paddy field, underneath attap huts. As for the food, they serve sets of Nasi Kukus with a choice of Chicken, Beef, Fish, and even Lamb. These are perfect sharing platters if you’re dining with a group of friends.

Seashells Cenang Langkawi
Photo: @arienissa (Instagram)
Seashells Cenang Langkawi
Photo: @akirahnurizzati (Instagram)

Furthermore, the Nasi Kukus platters will be served in a classic tray lined with banana leaves. To some, it will be a reminder of the traditional ‘Nasi Talam’ and couple this with the one-of-a-kind dining experience, we might just think we’re traveling back in time.

Seashells Cenang Langkawi
Photo: @zooxiong (Instagram)
Seashells Cenang Langkawi
Photo: @kissorspilot (Instagram)

Take A Quick Weekend Trip To Kedah For A Unique Dining Experience

So, if you’re looking for a dining experience that’s out of the norm, take a short weekend trip over to Kedah. Experience dining in a rice paddy field, and take in its serene atmosphere. It’ll be one of those meals that can fill your tummy and heart with some good ol’ memories.

Address: The Seashells @ Laman Padi, Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 1PM-3PM | 6PM-11PM

Contact Number: +604-955 3581 / 82

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