Joyoung Collaborates with Coca-Cola to Launch a Series of Kitchen Appliances

Spice up your kitchen with a dash of red for the upcoming auspicious festivity with the brand new Coca-Cola kitchen appliances! That’s right, we found out that the brand has recently collaborated with China’s famous electrical appliance, Joyoung to launch a whole series of kitchen appliances. These Joyoung x Coca-Cola kitchen items are so adorable they will sure impress anyone that visits your crib!

Joyoung x Coca-Cola Kitchen Appliances Are So Adorable and They’re Available in Malaysia:

Photo: @xiaohongshu

Those who love kitchen electronics might have heard of the brand Joyoung, which is pretty famous in China. They’re known for selling innovative yet aesthetic kitchen appliances at an affordable price point, and have collaborated with multiple giant brands, including Line Friends. This time around, they’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola and launched a series of adorable, vintage looking appliances, including an oven!

Photo: @xiaohongshu

What better brand to collaborate with than Coca-Cola to celebrate the Chinese New Year with its vibrant red packaging? The new Joyoung x Coca-Cola features four vintage red appliances, including an oven, a sandwich maker, an air fryer, a non-stick mini pot and a steambot pot!

Photo: @xiaohongshu

These vintage-looking kitchen appliances are so pleasing to the eyes, especially with the classic Coca-Cola logo embedded on it. Not only will they be a statement piece in the kitchen, Coca-Cola fans can even get the whole set as collectibles.

Photo: @xiaohongshu
Photo: @xiaohongshu

How To Get These in Malaysia?

Good news, you can now get these adorable kitchen appliances in Malaysia. Originally only available in China, we’ve found someone on Shopee that carries the whole collection (excluding the steamboat setup)! The price tag ain’t too bad considering it’s a limited collab.

Foodies, are you eyeing on the collection like we do? Link to the shop is down below, so get your hands on these aesthetic-looking pieces before they’re gone! Don’t forget to tag your friends and shop shop shop together! That’s all, have a great day ahead, and buh bye!

Link: Shopee (Search ‘Joyoung Coca-Cola’ in the shop)

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