IKEA is Offering Discounts Up to 50% Off and A New Menu Like Nasi Lemak Goreng & Biryani Rice

Hello foodies, how are you? November is the month of sales and promotion, and so we’re back with yet another good deal for you. As we Malaysians continue to spend more time at home, working at every corner of our crib, has the thought of changing up a few things at home occurred to you? Like have you ever looked at a piece or a corner of your home and thought “Maybe I should add or change a little something?” If yes, then good news, IKEA is offering discounts up to 50% off!

IKEA is Giving Discounts Up to 50% Off on Selected Items:

Happening from now until 30 November 2020, get your hands on some furniture pieces at a very discounted price. Discount applies to a wide range of categories, from functional workplace to decors, beddings and kitchen storage. Shop now before the sales is gone, available both online and in-stores.

For a More Organised and Functional Workspace

Having a comfortable and well-organised space can increase your overall productivity. Get your space sorted for a more comfortable and functional. Here are some practical and stylish home office solutions to set your workspace up for success.

Budget-friendly Decors for Any Area Within Home

Believe it or not, even the slightest changes at home will affect your mood. Add a little decor or two to your current crib to brighten up the space and for a touch of cozy vibe.

For a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning From the right textile for comfort to a sleep-friendly atmosphere with the right temperature and lighting, IKEA has everything sorted out for you. Plus, their bedding products are super comfortable.

Ideas for Kitchen Storage Solutions

Here comes the headache part of the house: kitchen. Storage space is always a problem especially when you have small space. Keeping your bottles of ingredients and spices organized and hidden is always a challenge. Fret not, these kitchen storage items might be the solution.

IKEA Rolls Out New Mouth-Watering Menu That’s Very Local

Nothing beats having good food, it makes us happy and brings people together. IKEA has just launched brand new menu items that are catered to our local tastebuds. Try out the new Nasi Lemak Goreng with Ayam Gulai, Biryani Rice with Chicken Varuval, Nasi Lemak Goreng with Chicken Rendang and Nasi Lemak Goreng with Ayam Masak Merah.

Be sure to fuel-up and savour in these dishes before you shop at the IKEA store. All items listed below are available for takeaway and delivery via Bungkusit and GoGet.

Foodies, don’t miss out the IKEA sale, their deals are pretty solid. If you’re one that prefers to shop physically in store, IKEA has various measures in place to ensure the well-being of shoppers and co-workers across all four stores in Malaysia. Do wear your mask at all times, it’s the basics.

For customers who prefer to shop online, contactless delivery and assembly services are also available. From IKEA to you: stay inspired, stay safe. That’s all, buh bye!

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