Hwang I Care: Over 100-Year-Old Traditional Eye Cleaning Business in Penang

Ever wondered how people clean their eyes before solutions and artificial tears were invented? Hwang I Care is a century-old business and the only shop in Penang offering one service—traditional eye cleaning. Unlike typical eye massages and acupuncture, it’s a procedure that uses traditional Chinese medicine methods.


Hwang I Care Is A Century-Old & The Only Shop in Penang Offering Traditional Eye Cleaning Service:

Photo: @xiao.pang.niu (Instagram)

Tucked in Lebuh Carnavon, Hwang I Care is a century-old family business offering traditional eye cleaning service that many have not heard of. The current owner is the 4th generation running the business brought over by her ancestors from Fujian, China.

Why do one’s eyes need such service when tears alone are a natural eye cleanser? First of all, not everyone produces the same amount of tears. Some may have dry, sore, and sticky eyes that over-the-counter solutions couldn’t help. That’s when Hwang I Care came in, their business helps customers the way our tears can’t.

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So how does this traditional eye cleaning method work? Your inner eyelids (yes you heard that right) will get a deep cleanse using traditional methods and their special solution made with a concoction of Chinese herbs and ink.

Photo: @xiao.pang.niu (Instagram)

Sounds intimidating right? You might be thinking “what if things go wrong? It’s the eyes we’re talking about.” Fret not, Hwang I Care guarantees there’s never been a time when a cleansing procedure has gone wrong. Many walked out of the shop with their eyes feeling refreshed and bright.

The Eye Cleansing Procedure:

Photo: @xiao.pang.niu (Instagram)

Upon arrival, you’ll be seated on an old-school armchair. A warm towel will be placed over your eyes to help you relax before the owner starts working on her magic. What she does is she’ll flip your inner eyelids and start cleaning them using a copper wire wrapped with cotton that’s soaked with the special solution.

Photo: @xiao.pang.niu (Instagram)

The whole process is rather quick and painless. Once complete, she’ll show you the gunks and dust that are trapped within your eyes in a cup of water and it’s pretty satisfying to watch.

Photo: @xiao.pang.niu (Instagram)

Hwang I Care’s service isn’t one typically heard of. In fact, this century-old business might be the only one still standing in the whole of Malaysia. The business isn’t lucrative but enough for them to stay afloat. If you feel like your eyes need a deep cleanse or detox, feel free to pay them a visit. It’s best to make an appointment in advance during this time. This dying tradition is definitely one that we should treasure.

Hwang I Care

Address: 83, Lebuh Carnarvon 10100 George Town, Penang.
Operating Hour: 12 p.m.-6 p.m. (Closed on Sunday)
Contact: 016-4231980


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