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Here’s a List of Online Stores on Shopee to Shop at Home During MCO 3.0

Malaysia recorded a shocking new high of 6,976 cases as of yesterday. We highly recommend everyone to stay at home, and stay disciplined to stop the numbers from rising. If you’re thinking of heading out to grab necessities, why not shop online, at the comfort of your home? A one-stop-shop-all, we’ve curated a list of online stores on Shopee that have you covered, from groceries and snacks to beauty products!

15 Online Stores on Shopee to Shop at Home During MCO 3.0:

#1 Don Don Donki

Remember the overwhelming queue when Don Don Donki first opened at Lot 10? Well, you can now skip the line because they have an online store on Shopee! Shop a plethora of Japan-made goods and treats with just a few clicks and they’ll deliver to your doorstep.


#2 Watsons

If you’re thinking of heading out to replenish sanitizing products at your nearest drugstore, Watson is available on Shopee. Everything you can find at the physical store is available online! Save the hassle of carrying those products in your hands when you can get them delivered to your doorstep, easy peasy.


#3 Guardian

Another drugstore brand, Guardian is also on Shopee. Depending on your preference, shop for all the things you need, from shampoos to supplements, face masks, sanitizing products, and more. Avoid close contact with others and at the same time, get what you need, all at your fingertips.


#4 Daiso

Shop anywhere at home for your Daiso must-have products! We’re so happy to see them on Shopee, some of their tools sure come in handy. The best part is, they’re offering free delivery with only a minimum spent of RM15.



A Japanese lifestyle store, we’ve always been a fan of MUJI due to its minimalist approach. Now that most of us are cooped up at home, elevate your experience at home with their aesthetic products. We love their humidifier, essential oils, cotton t-shirt, and snacks. Shop your favourite MUJI products on Shopee, with free delivery of over RM40 spent.


#6 Lotus’s (Tesco)

Formerly known as Tesco, Malaysians are no stranger to this grocer store. Well, they’re still labeled as ‘Tesco’ on Shopee, so clear your grocery list online. No more exposing your hands to that pesky dirt and bacteria, causing further contamination. PS: Free shipping for orders over Rm40 and a ton of shopping vouchers available!


#7 Eslite Bookstore (诚品书店)

A famous bookstore from Taiwan, kill boredom at home and expand your knowledge with a few books. They have a variety of imported books available, from cookbooks to kids learning, comics, self-help books and more. Not to mention a lot of their books have such beautiful covers, though most of them are in Mandarin.


#8 MPH

Another bookstore on Shopee to explore different genres, and in different languages. Your books are carefully wrapped and will arrive in tip-top condition. Not to mention they have free shipping for orders over RM15, and a list of vouchers to redeem.


#9 Miniso

Looking for cute items to add a splash of colour to your home? Look for Miniso on Shopee and shop their range of affordable yet adorable items. From plushies to gadgets, household items and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


#10 Sasa

Staying at home doesn’t mean self-care should be neglected. Sasa is now on Shopee, and they have an array of imported products from Asian and Western countries. So shop and restock your favourite beauty products from them now.


#11 Mydin

Another grocer store to explore on Shopee if you’re thinking about heading out for necessities. Stay home and let Mydin deliver your goods to you anytime, and anywhere. You can even send a care package to your loved ones to remind them of how much you love them.


#12 EcoShop

Everything for RM2.10? Sounds like a plan. Ladies and gentlemen, the famous EcoShop is now on Shopee. Shop for everything for only RM2.10 each, this is no April Fools because it’s already almost June. On top of that, enjoy free shipping for orders over Rm40.


#13 MR DIY

We Malaysians love shopping for different kinds of products in one store. Something’s broken in your crib and you need to fix or replace it ASAP? Shop MR DIY online, they have almost everything you need, from household products to decors and snacks.


#14 Nestle

What are some of the Nestle products that you’re most familiar with? Apart from Milo, the brand offers a plethora of products. From instant drinks and meals to seasonings, milk, snacks and more, stock up these products for when you need them.



Finally, the shop that we’re most excited about! SSG is heaven for Korean products and is shipped directly from Korea. Meaning, better prices with more varieties. From delicious-looking snacks to Korean household staples like seasonings and cooking ingredients, you’ll have a fun time browsing through the page.


Stay Home, Stay Safe:

Foodies, let us all do our part in curbing the numbers by staying at home. Shop for all the things you need on Shopee (not an ad) at the comfort of your crib. Don’t forget to tag and share these online stores to your friends. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

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