MS Food Court Now Offers Their First Ever Doorstep Delivery Service This MCO 3.0

Do you miss having a hearty meal of hawker food? Since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year, many businesses had gone online. The same goes for MS Food Court. Yes, you got it right! MS Food Court is now offering its first delivery service. Now, you can have the long-missed hawker foods at home!

MS Food Court Now Offers Their First Ever Delivery Service

MS Food Court
Photo: Penang Foodie
MS Food Court
Photo: Penang Foodie

Recently, one of our favourite go-to food courts, MS Food Court finally reopens for business after months of renovation. The food court now has an airier and cleaner dining area. There are also several new stalls amidst the OGs – Ah Lim Birthday Mee, Aunty May Nasi Kunyit, Madam Lim Oyster Porridge and many more.

MS Food Court
Photo: Penang Foodie
Photo: Penang Foodie

However, when MCO 3.0 was reinforced to all states of Malaysia, dining in is no longer allowed. Hence, delivery service! There, there. If you think you can no longer get the taste of Madam Lim’s warm oyster porridge or the Tomato Pan Mee Soup because you live too far. Then, you’re wrong.

Photo: Penang Foodie

Stay Home & Have The Food Delivered To You!

We have seen news regarding the closure of several food courts and markets in Penang due to positive Covid-19 cases. Hence, stay at home have the food delivered to your front door! Visit their Facebook for more information.

Address: 105, Macalister Road 10400

Operation Hours: 7.30 AM – 10.00 PM (Monday – Saturday) | Closed on Sunday

Contact: 012-464 6643

Link(s): Facebook

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  1. Wow! Great news that MS food court is offering Home delivery services. I am a huge fan of their dishes, especially the Tomato Pan Mee soup. Thanks for the information.

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