All You Need To Know About The RM100 Fried Sotong Saga At Penang’s Hameediyah Restaurant

By now, every one of us must have heard of the Hameediyah RM100 fried Sotong controversy that has been taking social media by storm. If you missed out on it, then let’s do a quick rundown of what actually happened and how this issue has finally come to a close (we hope).


A Rundown Of The Hameediyah RM100 Fried Sotong Controversy

It all began with a Facebook post by Huzir Rizal, showcasing a copy of a receipt from Hameediyah, the oldest Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang. In that receipt, it was shown that a total of RM100 was being charged for 2x Fresh Sotong Goreng. Accompanying the receipt was a photograph of the said gigantic Sotong. The post immediately went viral with netizens criticizing Hameediyah.

Hameediyah RM100 Fried Sotong

Hameediyah’s Director Offered An Explanation And Defended The Price Of The Dish

Soon after, Hameediyah Director, Muhammad Riyaaz Syed Ibrahim gave his statement stating that he was the person who attended to the couple and explained that prices of the dishes are clearly stated on the board with Sotong ranging from RM10-RM50.

Hameediyah RM100 Fried Sotong

“I was the one who had attended to the couple. The woman clearly saw when I punched the amount onto the computer system at the cash registry. She did not complain or say anything then.”

Muhammad Riyaaz went on to explain that the Sotong Goreng Apollo was not cheap with its market price constantly fluctuating and could range anywhere from RM50-RM80 per piece.

Hameediyah RM100 Fried Sotong

Check out the full statement in a video by Malaysia Gazette here:


Hameediyah Issued Notice By Authorities

Later on, two enforcers from the Penang Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) were at the location to monitor and investigate the issue. Hameediyah was issued a Goods Information Verification Notice (NPMB) and was given 2 days to explain the cost and selling price of the squid.

Customer Apologized For Causing Confusion

As for the latest update regarding this issue, the said customer has apologized for causing any confusion in a post on Hameediyah’s Facebook page. In brief, the lady stated that she was aware of the price as she had ordered the same dish on a prior visit to Hamediyah.

Hameediyah RM100 Fried Sotong


“I uploaded the receipt on my Instagram Story but did not mention anything about it being expensive.

“However, an individual had screenshot my posting and uploaded it on Facebook. The individual also tagged 70 others with the caption ‘Hati hati kawan2.. yg mana nak mai makan nasik kandaq kat Penang. Harga 2 ekor sotong boleh cecah smpai RM100.’

“I just want to explain that the price is reasonable as the two sotong goreng I took was of big size.


“As such, for anyone who misunderstood and claimed that I had said the price was expensive, that is not true at all.”

Hameediyah RM100 Fried Sotong

These messages were conveyed via WhatsApp to Hameediyah Lebuh Campbell director Muhammad Riyaaz Syed Ibrahim.

Check out the full apology here.

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