Hameediyah Penang Listed In The Malaysia Book Of Records As The Oldest Nasi Kandar Restaurant

Foodies, we have news! As most of you would know, Penang is a gem when it comes to the food. This is proven true by the string of rewards that our humble island has garnered over the years. Today, we will be celebrating yet another achievement in Penang’s food scene. Hameediyah is now officially a Malaysia Book of Records award holder for our nation’s oldest Nasi Kandar!

Penang’s Hameediyah Is Malaysia’s Oldest Nasi Kandar Restaurant

If you’re a Penangite, then you must have definitely heard of Hameediyah. Hameediyah is a Nasi Kandar joint that has been around since 1907! With an established history of over a century(114 years to be exact), Hameediyah is a household name when it comes to Nasi Kandar.

Hameediyah Oldest Nasi Kandar in Malaysia
Photo: @izwan_bond (Instagram)

Did you guys know that even Yang di-Pertuan Agong has paid a Nasi Kandar trip over to Hameediyah last December? This is indeed a testament to how good they are at what they do. And to take things up a notch, Hameediyah has just been awarded The Oldest Nasi Kandar in The Malaysia Book of Records!

Hameediyah Oldest Nasi Kandar in Malaysia
Photo: @oldestnasikandarinmalaysia (Facebook)
Hameediyah Oldest Nasi Kandar in Malaysia
Photo: @oldestnasikandarinmalaysia (Facebook)

Aside from that, Hameediyah is known for still using a passed down generational recipe when it comes to their dishes. They also have Murtabak that comes with a choice of chicken, beef, mutton, and vegetable fillings.

Hameediyah Oldest Nasi Kandar in Malaysia
Photo: (Instagram)

When it comes to Nasi Kandar, we are always our own artists. From picking the combination of dishes all the way to concocting curry(Kuah) pairings, it’s no easy task to unify Penang’s iconic dish.

Hameediyah Oldest Nasi Kandar in Malaysia
Photo: @theediblematerial (Instagram)

Feast On Nasi Kandar!

So now that Hameediyah has helmed a new recognition, what are you guys waiting for? Visit Malaysia’s Oldest Nasi Kandar soon and feast away!

Address: 164, Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: 10 AM-10 PM (Sunday-Thurs) | 10 AM-12.30 PM, 3 PM-10 PM (Friday)

Link(s): Facebook |Instagram

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