Haidilao Penang Delivery Service Is Not Official Yet, Only Available For Takeaway


  • News surrounding Haidilao offering delivery service is not official.
  • Only available for takeaway.

With only one Haidilao outlet in Penang, there’s always a long queue that just never seem to end. Just yesterday, news regarding Haidilao in Penang is offering delivery service surprised many. So we decided to call them to find out whether it is true and here’s what they said in regards to their delivery.

Photo: @mengjie93 (Instagram)

What’s The News?

As one of the restaurants that started the hotpot wave within and outside of China, Haidilao serves hotpot that features soup bases like the mushroom, tomato, Sichuan spicy and our local laksa hotpot! It’s no wonder why it has attracted so many foodies. Yesterday, netizens on Facebook were shocked by the news that Haidilao Hot Pot in Penang is starting their delivery service.

Photo: Yaang Luor (Facebook)

As surprised as many people, we decided to call Haidilao to make sure it’s a piece of true news. But sadly we got information that is going to disappoint you. With limited pots and busy hours in the actual outlet, they’re only able to do delivery services to nearby residents. However, you can still avoid the crowd by ordering pickups!

Photo: @xu_miyan (Instagram)

How does pickup work?

We all know the pain of waiting for hours in line while our hungry stomach growls. It’s kind of frustrating, isn’t it? Well now, you can give Haidilao a call and order your favourite soup bases like tomato, Sichuan spicy and our local laksa soup. Furthermore, let them know which ingredients you want to add and they’ll pack it for you. It’ll be ready by the time you come and pick it up!

Photo: @gerlee (Instagram)

Operating Hours: 10AM – 9PM

Status: Non-Halal

Link: Facebook

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