The Very First Haidilao Hot Pot In Gurney Paragon Is Now Officially Open

Hello, friends! We have some breaking news to share with you. On this special day, the long-awaited Haidilao is officially opened in Gurney Paragon Mall. That’s right, as of 6th September 2019, it is open. The banners mentioning that the very first Haidilao will be opening in Gurney Paragon has been up since January 2019. Hence, we are really excited that it has finally opened!

Haidilao Gurney Paragon is now open

Photo: @haidilaohotpotus (Instagram)

Since last month, it was speculated that the famous hot pot chain will be opening in Gurney Paragon this month. It was indeed a surprise that it had officially opened today without prior notice. The famous hot pot chain, Haidilao Hot Pot, has several outlets located in Klang Valley. As you can imagine, the queue for every store is still really long.

Photo: @haidilaohotpotus (Instagram)

However, queueing for Haidilao is one of the most special experience ever. From getting free snacks including popcorn to free manicures, many people are thrilled to participate in the really long queue. In fact, some mentioned that the queue takes approximately three hours before they can indulge in a hot pot with four broths. That’s right, instead of the conventional two broths, you can pick up to four here!

Something to do over the long weekends

Photo: @haidilaohotpotus (Instagram)

Strategically opened on a Friday, many Penangites can now visit Haidilao over the weekends. After all, we have three days of holidays! So, if you have yet to figure out your dinner plans for the weekends, it is time to head over to Haidilao at Gurney Paragon to indulge in the world’s most famous hot pot. By the way, did you know the founder of Haidilao is the richest man in Singapore?

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