This Food Truck At Bayan Baru Serves Popular Taiwanese Sweet Potato Balls

Hello there! We have something chewy and exciting to share with you! But first, let’s drop a question. How often do you guys snack? We’re not entirely sure about you, but sometimes we go through the day having this insurmountable craving for a good snack. If you’re a snacker like us, then this post is meant for you. There’s a food truck at Bayan Lepas, Penang serving crispy golden sweet potato balls, known as 90鼎 台湾正宗地瓜球, or Golden Sweet Potato 90.

A Food Truck Serving Golden Sweet Potato Balls In Penang

A trip to Taiwan and you’ll know that sweet potato balls are an extremely popular bite-sized snack among locals and tourists alike. As these snacks are round in shape, they are ideal to enjoy on-the-go. Usually, it is coated with tapioca flour before shaping them into tiny round balls and then, deep-fried until golden perfection.

Golden Sweet Potato 90 Penang
Photo: @Yap Thai Ming (Facebook)

With it being such hype in Taiwan, when it was first served in Malaysia, there was, of course, a snaking queue. Golden Sweet Potato 90 usually operates from a food truck or as a small kiosk in popular night markets. And usually, a long line of hungry foodies will ensue. To date, there are close to 40 stalls in Malaysia.

Golden Sweet Potato 90 Penang
Photo: @Yap Thai Ming (Facebook)
Golden Sweet Potato 90 Penang
Photo: @digua.qiu (Instagram)

This time around, they are finally here in Penang! Just spot them at Bayan Baru, around Sunshine Square area. It’s a simple black food truck with a 黄金地瓜球 sign that you can spot from afar. And did we mention that each packet of this golden orange snack is only RM5?

Golden Sweet Potato 90 Penang
Photo: @lijhuin (Instagram)

Find Them At Bayan Baru Area

So the next time you’re craving a snack, just try these crispy on the outside yet chewy on the inside golden sweet potato balls. While you’re there, remember to abide by all the SOPs and always stay safe.

Address: Bayan Baru Area (nearby Sunshine Square or SWAROVSKI)

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram 

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