Gardenia Factories Reach Full Capacity But Will Try To Increase Product Supply

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  • Gardenia Bakeries(KL) Sdn Bhd reveals that factories reach full capacity
  • But, they will still work 24/7 to increase production
  • Gardenia Bakeries(KL) Sdn Bhd urges us to buy according to our daily needs only

Gardenia Will Still Continue To Increase Bread Supply

Good Tuesday friends! If you’re ever observant, you’ll realize that one thing is always out of stock when you’re grocery shopping. Yes, it’s our favourite, every fragrant and fluffy Gardenia loaf. It’s like everywhere we go, we just can’t seem to get our hands on even one single loaf of Gardenia bread. Well, there’s a reason for this; because Gardenia Bakeries(KL) Sdn Bhd has revealed that it will not be able to increase its product supply in the market.

Gardenia out of stock
Photo: @nextboykong (Instagram)

To a majority of Malaysians, this is one of the saddest news ever. How can we get through the remaining MCO days without our favourite loaf of bread? No more grilled cheese, no more plain old bread and butter. Excuse us while we grief for a bit.

Gardenia out of stock
Photo: @Mohamad RIdhwan AhmAd (Facebook)

Okay, emotions aside, it’s time for us to understand the reason behind this lack of stock. According to Gardenia Bakeries’ official Facebook page, they’ve commented that the factories have already reached their maximum production threshold. And thus, they are unable to increase product supply at the moment.

Gardenia out of stock
Photo: @GardeniaKL (Facebook)

While there are no official figures as to the exact Gardenia loaves produced daily, we’re thinking that they’ve really exhausted their manufacturing during these trying times. Of course, some of us are to be blamed especially if we’re one of the hoarders of Gardenia loaves.

Gardenia out of stock
Photo: @soammaras (Instagram)

So, as of right now, we won’t be seeing additional Gardenia loaves on the shelves but there’s one thing we can do. We can always be considerate shoppers and only stock up according to our needs. Besides, each Gardenia loaf has its expiration date so hoarding them will only let them go to waste.

Only Buy What You Need

On a side note, Gardenia also posted that deliveries will be ongoing as usual and they’ll try their very best to increase production. Also, they even advised us to buy according to our daily consumption needs only. Well, time to be a responsible Malaysia, it goes a long way.

Gardenia out of stock
Photo: @GardeniaKL (Facebook)

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