8 Grocery And Convenience Stores In Penang With Updated Operating Hours

While we are suggested to stay at home for the Movement Control Order, there are times we run out of essentials and food. With many stores changing their operating hours, it’s quite hard to remember which store closes at what time. But that’s not to worry because today we have compiled a list of 8 grocery and convenience stores in Penang with their most updated operating hours!

8 Grocery And Convenience Stores In Penang With Updated Operating Hours

1. Tesco

Photo: Tesco Malaysia (Facebook)

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, Tesco is one of the grocery stores that is changing its operating hours. Switching to 8AM – 8PM for all its outlets nationwide, only a few outlets accommodate longer operating hours. If you’re wondering which outlets they are, take a look at the photo below for more information!

Photo: @tescomalaysia (Instagram)

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Another spot that carries an array of grocery choices is nonetheless atĀ AEON. With plentiful of options coming from international imports toĀ our local market, you can find it all at AEON supermarket and AEON MaxValu Prime. However, with the impact of our restriction order, AEON is changing its operating hours to 8AM – 8PM except for AEON Bandar Utama and Bandar Sunway (10AM – 8PM).

Photo: AEON Retail Malaysia (Facebook)

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3. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is one of our favourite convenience stores to drop during any time of the day. With the current Coronavirus outbreak, 7-Eleven now turns its operating hours to 7AM -11PM. However, it’s also worth to mention some of its outlets will closeĀ earlier as advised by the authorities.

Photo: @7elevenmalaysia (Instagram)

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4. Aeon Big

Aeon Big can be easily seen from afar with its signature bright orange logo. With more than 20 outlets nationwide, Aeon Big is changing their hours to 8AM – 8PM with the exception of a few of their outlets. For more information, check out the exact time below to prevent going at the wrong hours!

Photo: MY AEON BIG (Facebook)

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5. Mydin

A spot to shop with great value is at Mydin. During this Movement Control Order period, Mydin is another grocery store that is changing its operating hours. With varying hours between each outlet, it’s worth noting that most of them open until 10:30PM. In addition, they alsoĀ open their gates to the elderly and people with disabilities 30 minutes before their hours.

Photo: @mymydinmalaysia (Instagram)

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6. Giant

Easily spotted in the neighbourhood across different cities in Malaysia, Giant features a wide variety of choices from fresh produce to household items. Despite favoured by many Malaysians, they are anotherĀ grocery spot that is changing its operating hours! With most outlets operating from 8AM to 8PM, here is the list of outlets and its operating hours.

Photo: Giant Malaysia (Facebook)

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7. 99 Speedmart

A mini-mart that offers local snacks to basic essentials, 99 Speedmart is a convenience store that resembles a grocery store. Starting from 22nd to 31st March 2020, 99 Speedmart will operate from 8AM to 8PM. So if there’s a 99 Speedmart near your neighbourhood, make sure to take note of this news before you go!

Photo: 99 Speedmart (Facebook)

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8. Econsave

If there is somewhere that offers the best price for groceries, it has to be Econsave, right? With the constant update on its outlet’s operating hours on Facebook, the time for Econsave in Penang is yet to be confirmed. For more information, you can visit their Facebook. Otherwise, we will keep you updated with the exact hours!

Photo: Savingkaki (Official)

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Stock Up On Essentials Only And Stay Safe

We have reached the end of our list of ā€˜8 Grocery And Convenience Stores In Penang With Updated Operating Hoursā€™ and hopefully you’ll find it useful. Needless to say, but we hope everyone only stocks up on essentials and stay calm. We also recommend only one member of the household go out for groceries and see you in the next post!

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