Local NGO Provided Food & Daily Essentials To Struggling Trishawmen In Penang 

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected the world. The retrenchment rates are drastically increasing as the tourism sectors across the board are now struggling to stay afloat. The streets of Penang that were usually full of tourists are now missing their existence. Hence, the Friends of Goodwill is extending their kindness to 100 trishawmen in Penang who have lost their daily earnings.

Friends of Goodwill Held A Project To Helped 100 Trishawmen In Penang

Friends of Goodwill
Photo: Friends of Goodwill (Facebook)

Friends of Goodwill (FOG) is a non-government organisation established in 2019. Furthermore, FOG aims to lessen the suffering of vulnerable community and aid underprivileged Malaysians with basics at the very least. Many projects were successful, including this benevolence project of helping trishawmen in Penang.

Photo: Friends of Goodwill (Facebook)

Due to the current situation, FOG decided to provide daily essentials and food vouchers to 100 trishawmen in Penang who have lost their daily earnings. In collaboration with the Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (MACVA), the project has become a success last Sunday, 28th March 2021.

Photo: Friends of Goodwill (Facebook)

Apart from the goodwill packages, they also assisted in collecting donations from the local community. Moreover, they ordered hot packed meals prepared by City Bayview Hotel, Cititel, Penang Community Centre and Lighthouse. Thus, trishawmen can redeem the packed meals with the coupon given at designated dates and times.

More Goodwill Events Waiting For You!

The world is full of wonderful and kind-hearted people who are ready to help those in need. If you love this kind of projects, you can visit their website for more information. They may have upcoming goodwill events waiting for you. Let’s offer pair of hands to those who require help so that we can overcome the turbulent time together.

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