Penangites Can Now Enjoy Free Rapid Bus Rides Until 31st December 2021

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In an effort to promote public transport, Penang became the first state in Malaysia to offer FREE Rapid Bus services to the public until the end 2021. As long as you have the MY30 Mutiara pass, you can get a ride on any Rapid Bus free of charge.

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Free Rapid Bus Service In Penang

Recently, Penang Infrastructure and Transport Committee Chairman, Zairil Khir Johari, said that MY30 Mutiara pass holders can now enjoy unlimited free Rapid bus rides. Starting 1st March 2021 – 31st December 2021, pass holders wouldn’t need to pay the monthly renewal fee. The initiative was done to reduce Penangite’s burden during the pandemic.

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“Under the initiative, the Penang government will bear a total cost of RM3 million which is equivalent to 10 months’ worth of renewal fee for 10,000 MY30 Mutiara pass holders.” He continued. At the moment, there are around 2,300 pass holders. But of course, new MY30 Mutiara pass holders can enjoy the same benefit.

New MY30 Mutiara Card Holder Will Only Need To Pay RM10

Additionally, anyone in Penang who holds a Malaysian identity card can register to obtain the MY30 Mutiara pass. “For first-time MY30 Mutiara pass holders, they only have to pay a total of RM10. Comprising RM5 for the card processing fee and another RM5 for the card’s purse value’.” Zairil said. However, current pass holders will only need to renew their pass for free.

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Use More Public Transportation

rapid penang
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The Prasarana-owned company has a fleet of 400 buses to meet the expected rise in demand for rides. Hopefully, this will boost Penang’s mobility and connectivity through reliance on the public transport system. Meanwhile, Rapid Penang northern region head Ku Jamil Zakaria said that due to the Covid-19 standard operating procedures, Rapid Penang only allowed seated passengers on board their buses.

Source: Free Malaysia Today | The Vibes

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