Founder Of ESCAPE Penang Ranked ‘Top 50 Theme Park Influencer’ In The World


Penangites, how many of you have taken an adrenaline-pumped ride at ESCAPE Penang? Today, we’re here to share with you a piece of news that will make you super proud as a Penangite. The founder of ESCAPE Penang, Sim Choo Kheng has just been named The Blooloop 50 Theme Park Influencer!

Penangite & Founder Of ESCAPE Penang Named ‘Top 50 Theme Park Influencer’

In case you’re wondering, the award is by Blooloop; the world’s most-read news source for visitor attractions including theme parks, museums, zoos, waterparks, aquariums, and family entertainment centres (FEC).

Sim Choo Kheng is the CEO of Sim Leisure Group, a well-established company listed on the Singapore Exchange. The company owns and operates both ESCAPE and ESCAPE Petaling Jaya. According to Blooloop, Sim has “provided design, fabrication, and construction to more than 300 themed entertainment projects around the world.”

Sim Choo Kheng Top 50 Blooloop 2022Photo: @manvirvictor (Twitter)

ESCAPE Penang boasts more than 35 rides and attractions for all age groups. The notable ones include the world’s longest tube water slide and zip coaster which were both listed on the Guinness World Record.

ESCAPE PenangPhoto: @escapemy (Instagram)

ESCAPE PenangPhoto: @escapemy (Instagram)

ESCAPE has also recently launched Malaysia’s first-ever ski slope. Check out our experience here:

So, what’s next for this well-established theme park developer group? Well, we can look forward to the largest ESCAPE theme park in Malaysia called Escape Cameron Highlands which will be featuring 5 European villages and many more exciting activities! That isn’t all, Sim Leisure Group will also be expanding internationally to Sri Lanka.


Once again, congratulations on this award and as fellow Penangites, we are so proud of you!

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