Malaysia’s Oldest Nasi Kandar Restaurant, Hameediyah Joins RM5 ‘Menu Rahmah’ Initiative

To alleviate the burdens of Malaysians, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Living Costs of Malaysia has recently launched the ‘Menu Rahmah ‘ initiative on 31 January. Since its announcement, many eateries and local businesses have expressed their interest in contributing to the cause, including restaurant associations and hypermarket Mydin.


Now there’s a new addition to the list of participating eateries, which is the oldest nasi kandar establishment in Penang, Hameediyah Restaurant!

Hameediyah Restaurant In Penang Takes Part In ‘Menu Rahmah’ Initiative

Hameediyah PenangPhoto: Bernama

According to Bernama, the 116-year-old restaurant will start offering its RM5 Menu Rahmah in March. It is the first nasi kandar establishment in the state to put forward the RM5 meal under the government’s programme. They hope to relieve the financial burdens of the B40 group through this initiative.

Hameediyah’s Sungai Ara branch manager, Muhd ​Salim Ahmed Seeni Parkir said that the Menu Rahmah will be initially provided at two branches, the Sungai Ara and Lebuh Campbell branches.

“We will be offering the Menu Rahmah from 5 pm to 10 pm daily and will not link it to sale numbers,” he told the press, along with the attendance of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) Penang director S. Jegan.

In compliance with the programme’s meal requirement, Hameediyah Penang will provide RM5 meals that consist of rice with curry gravy, vegetables and either a piece of chicken or beef.

“We will be allocating 15 chickens and between 8kg and 10kg of beef daily for this purpose. We will see how it goes after two months before we decide on the next course of action,” Salim said.

He furthermore stated that this is part of the restaurant’s corporate social responsibility initiative to give back to the people.

Urging The Public To Not Take Advantage Of The Initiative

Hameediyah Penang

During the launch, Salim was asked whether they will make a profit out of this, to which he responded that the chances are “extremely slim”. However, their main priority is to provide the families in the low-income group with a decent, balanced meal.

Moreover, he asked the public to act responsibly and not take advantage of this programme. He wished to remind the public that the Menu Rahmah meals are only for the poor and needy.


Meanwhile, Penang’s director of the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living ministry, Jegan encouraged more eateries to join the initiative. He said that there are currently only 19 eateries in Penang that have committed to offering Menu Rahmah.

“We hope more eateries offer Menu Rahmah. We are in discussions with various parties who are interested in offering Menu Rahmah.”

Source: Bernama

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