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Flamingo Hotel Buffet: Saturday Crustaceans & Shellfishes Night

One fine Saturday, we enjoyed our buffet at Flamingo Hotel. To deliver a better and brand new dining experience, Flamingo Hotel introduces different buffet theme for each night. As for Saturday, it is Crustaceans and Shellfishes night. Starting today, there will be a Meat and Poultry Feast every Friday and a Crustacean and Shellfish Night every Saturday.

Crustaceans & Shellfishes Night

flamingo hotel buffet

Enjoy your evening and taste buds if you’re really into seafood. Savour the briny taste of crabs, prawns and more.

Now let’s take a look at the food picture we took that evening.

I can hear seafood lover screaming already. Yes! All the seafood served here is fresh. Frankly speaking, we the prawn lover had so many prawns that night.

Another delicious fare – scallop is available in the buffet menu.

Oh cheese!

Bubur is available as well.

One of the local delight mee udang is one of the popular dishes being served here. The broth is good and we had a good time enjoying it.

You can dine al-fresco too.

Flamingo Hotel Buffet Review

One pro tip: be there at around 7pm to enjoy beautiful sunset by the beach.

In short, we had a pleasure evening dining at Flamingo Hotel’s restaurant. We would like to thanks Assistant F&B Manager, Mr Zack for his superb hospitality and kind words. Hope to see you again!

Also, we Penang Foodie would like to say thanks to Malaysia food blogger Rachael from Foodilifecious for extending this review.

Price: The Crustacean and Shellfish buffet goes RM76 for adults and RM40 for children.

Operating hour: 7 PM – 1030 PM

Address: Tanjong Bungah, 11200, Tanjong Bungah, Pulau Pinang, 11200, Malaysia

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