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Kohii Boardgame Cafe: Dangerously Addictive Game Cafe in Penang

Foodies, here’s another long-lost non-food related topic. Don’t turn away just yet, because first off, there’s food. Secondly, it’s something we didn’t expect to turn out that fun, and guess what? We got addicted. We’re talking about Kohii Board Game Cafe, a new addition in Penang.

What’s so Special About Kohii Board Game Cafe?

That’s what we thought when we first heard of it. Nestled in one of the shop lots in Jelutong area, we were skeptical at first. Why say so? We went during the night and the path to the entrance is a bit shady. Located on the second floor, you gotta climb one floor up and look for signs.

Upon arrival, we were shocked. Kohii Board Game Cafe is full-house! Like what’s so fun about some boring board games, until we saw the shelves of board games on our left. Mind-blown, we’re dare to say they have more than 100 games available to play, all we need to do is pay a certain amount of fees.

Their Selection of Board Games:

We mind you, it’s not about some boring chess or card games. Each comes with a story and challenges, even their Monopoly is Mario-edition with power-ups and characters.

We warmed up with this no-brainer looking game, Go Go Gelato. While stacking ice cream cones according to picture might sound easy, we used out half of our brain cells. IT’S NOT EASY AT ALL, we dare you to try it out.

On to some serious adult modern board game, Shadow Hunter. This was the hardest yet fun game played during that night. The staff was nice enough to explain the rules of the game to us, he knows every game in Kohii Board Game Cafe.

Depending on the number of players, you’ll need to guess your teammate and eliminate the rest according to the character you’ve chosen. Each round comes with challenges and as you go deeper, the harder it gets. Bonus point, each team has special powers that adds more excitement to the game.

We did mention about food right?  Kohii Board Game Cafe serves coffee, drinks and hot snacks to the bunch of players like us so that we get to fill our tummy up during the intense game.

Also, if you love that particular game so much, you can bring the whole set home, just pay lo. Their board games are available for sale in stores and online at One last thing, here’s the price breakdown. We recommend trying Kohii Board Game once and if you want to go back for more, sign up to be a member. They’re a lot cheaper, plus you get more benefits. Don’t let the fee set you back, because if you add-on RM6 from the 2-hour package, you can do play whole day! Which means you can rot in there all you want for the whole day.


Verdict on Kohii Board Game Cafe:

10/10 would recommend this place. we already signed up to be a member, no joke. They’re really addictive in a good way. You get to train your mind and get your brain to some work. Plus, it’s a lot better than gathering at a mamak, Kohii Board Game is healthy. Ps: You might see us there if you’re lucky.

Kohii Board Game Cafe

Address: No 78-1, Lintang Sungai Pinang, George Town, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: (Tues-Fri) 3:30 p.m.-11 p.m. (Sat&Sun) 1:30 p.m.-11 p.m.
More Info:
Get your board games:


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