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How To Find Free Wifi Spots In Penang Using Facebook

Facebook is launching a new feature to help people find free WiFi worldwide.

If you always looking for free WiFi zone in Penang, then this guide is for you. Last week, Facebook launched its new function to help people find free WiFi HotSpots globally. In today’s blog, Penang Foodie is going to tell you how to find free Wifi spots easily on Facebook.

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Find Wi-Fi helps you locate available Wi-Fi hot spots nearby that businesses have shared with Facebook from their Page. So wherever you are, you can easily map the closest connections when your data connection is weak.

How To Find Free WiFi HotSpots in Penang

Go to Apps and look for Find Wi-Fi
It will show you nearby’s Free Wi-Fi HotSpots

To find Wi-Fi hotspots, open your Facebook app, click on the “More” tab and then “Find Wi-Fi.” Once in the “Find Wi-Fi” tab you may need to turn it on. You can then browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and learn more about the businesses hosting them.

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What Should Businesses Do?

The feature works by using information that businesses have added to their business pages, so it’s not going to pull up every business near you that might have WiFi available, just those that are on Facebook. That said, it could still be very important for businesses to register “Free WiFi” on Facebook. If you are a business that owns cafe or restaurant, please read this guide.

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