Dua Sua Ka: A New Vintage Industrial Themed Cafe in Penang

Let’s put a pause on recipes as something new is about to pop in the island. We found a brand new cafe in Penang opening tomorrow! It’s called Dua Sua Ka, which literally translate to its location, Bukit Mertajam in Mandarin. This vintage industrial themed cafe looks so chic and is literally the next Instagram-worthy spot in Penang!

Dua Sua Ka is a New Industrial Themed Cafe in Penang Opening Soon:

Photo: Jeffrey Ang (Facebook)
Photo: Jeffrey Ang (Facebook)

A new addition to the cafe scene at De Antique, Bukit Mertajam, Dua Sua Ka stands out with its old-meets-new industrial style. The cafe boasts a glasshouse in between building, where you can actually see through the interior from the outside. Overall, it looks like a concrete mansion to us, in an aesthetic way.

Photo: Jeffrey Ang (Facebook)
Photo: Jeffrey Ang (Facebook)

We heard that they’re launching a soft opening tomorrow (22/1/2021), and only available for takeaway. Their menu consists of a selection of donburi (rice dishes) and artisanal coffee. While you certainly can’t dine-in for now, stopping by for a takeaway and take the opportunity to snap a few photos is probably acceptable?

Photo: Jeffrey Ang (Facebook)

Foodies, we can’t wait until the day we’re allowed to dine-in and visit Dua Sua Ka. They’re pleasantly-looking and will definitely do great in your social media feed. Until then, let’s us all stay home and practice good hygiene. Don’t forget to tag your friends and save this cafe up for future visits. That’s all, buh bye!

Dua Sua Ka Cafe

Address: Lorong Ciku 2, Bukit Mertajam Pinang, Penang, Malaysia
Link: Facebook

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