This App In Penang Allows You To Dabao From Your Go-To Cafe

Drive Thru Almost Everywhere!

Imagine this! You’re in a hurry to work so you and your kids are hungry. All the restaurants are closed or filled up with people, and there isn’t enough time. Fret not, Drop to the Rescue!  With a few clicks on the app, arrive at a restaurant of your choice and your food is ready to be picked up via drive-thru! Let’s celebrate guys, the app of your dreams is here, it’s like a pre-order McDonalds drive-thru but brought to all your favorite cafes and restaurants.

Dapao Done Easy

How does Drop Work?

Simply place the order of your choice through the Drop app and make your way over to the restaurant, vendors know exactly when you arrive and they will prepare your food before you reach the destination! All transactions are done in the app, so you wouldn’t even have to deal with change or leave the car. I don’t know about you guys but we’re already installing the app and signing up!

Amazing Opportunity For Vendors!

Through Drop, you have the opportunity to serve beyond four walls. How so? By receiving the opportunity to tend to customers via drive-thru service, the whole island is opened up to you as potential customers. The best part? This service costs you nothing unless you get an order! Plus they handle the logistics and you get to do what you do best, making amazing food and drinks. Interested to Collaborate? Install this app and get right to it

Who Are These People? 

Like us, they suffered through miserable waits in line; looping countless circles looking for parking, and getting a saman just because they wanted a Nasi Lemak. But enough was enough. They endeavored to fix this problem we all face, and ultimately the solution they came up with; Drop.

Give It A Try

Don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it! McDonald’s first ventured into drive-thrus back in the 70s, there’s no reason why independent establishments and eateries can’t do it too with a little help from technology. Remember the time when vacuums replaced brooms. With technology constantly easing our life, why not Dapao your way thru and enjoy an effortless journey on a daily basis!  For more details: check out their website, Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tell us which cafes you would love to provide this service as they can get on board too!





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