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DIY Pancakes @ Slappy Cakes, One Garage Penang

DIY Pancakes, delicious pasta and awesome desserts at One Garage’s Slappy Cakes.


We have been craving for pancakes for a darn long time. And we thought it’s a great idea to have our meal at One Garage’s Slappy Cakes. Because our good friends kept raving about how special and fun making your own pancake is at Slappy Cakes is.

True to its name, One Garage is one stop destination for family, friends and of course foodies. They have an extensive array of global cuisines under one roof, an exhilarating gastronomic experience unlike any other. First of all, they have the crowd’s favorite – Slappy Cakes (DIY Pancakes), then a steamboat called One Steamboat and Terminal One, a very decent spot for groups.

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Here are the foods.

Slappy Bird DIY Pancakes in Penang

Slappy Cakes, a renowned Pancake specialist from Portland. What’s so special here? A decent place to customized or design your own pancakes.

Here’s the place for you to show off your creativity, we painted our blog name, Penang Foodie. It was really fun and awesome experience, you should really go and try. Trust us.

Slappy Cakes, it is indeed a perfect place for young kids especially. We spotted a few families with their children genuinely enjoy making their own pancake during our visit. What a great place for #FamilyDay.

DIY Pancakes in Penang - Slappy Cakes

Speaking about the foods, the pancakes tasted really awesome with the add of its most popular sauce and toppings.


What we had for toppings: cheese, custard milk and chocolate chips. And we chose chocolate and buttermilk for our sauces. Feel free to ask the service crews for recommendation, they were very attentive and friendly during our visit. We really enjoy eating there.

Watch the video below:

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Besides super cute pancakes, they do serve appetizing pasta as well. We got ourselves Slappy Cake’s new menu, Salmon Pasta. The salmon served was huge and tasted good, this is the way salmon pasta should be treated.


Slappy Cakes

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Slappy Cakes Benedict


We also ordered Slappy Benedict as well. Apart from delicious pancakes, the restaurant also has a standard menu, which includes a wide selection of Eggs Benedict, with the bestseller being ‘Slappy Benedict’.

“Egg is a huge success for this Slappy Cakes” Agnes from Penang Foodie

The poached eggs only need a gentle nudge to release their runny yolk. You shouldn’t leave without trying this, the classic heart, savory brunch dish.

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One Garage’s One Steamboat

One Steamboat Time Square Penang

One Steamboat is siting next door to Slappy Cakes. We love the idea of how One Steamboat display their foods or ingredients. Diners can spend some times to “shop” for their preferred ingredients to be added to the hot pot.

One Garage’s One Terminal


Terminal One is located at upstairs of Slappy  Cake and One Steamboat.


One Terminal is the ultimate spot especially for group gathering, event, seminar, product launching, team bonding / training, brainstorming or anything related to group activities. The venue can cater up 100 pax, and the foods menu is planned based on your budget.


The idea is pretty good in my personal opinion, because sometimes we might want to throw a birthday party. So, let them handle the hassle ( crafting the perfect plan for you ), and you enjoy the rest.

Final Thought

One Garage Time Square Penang

We really like the idea One Terminal, an ultimate destination for your cravings present it. One eating spot where you enjoy DIY pancakes, steamboat or maybe a glass of wine. Pay them a visit if you haven’t! Lastly, we hope this review treats you well. More reviews will be posting up this weekend. 🙂

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Rating Summary:

Food: 3.5 /5

Price: RM 35 / pax

Instagram-able: 3 /5

Service: 5 /5

Value: 4 /5

Atmosphere: 3.5 /5

Good For: Pancake Lover

Operating Hour:

Mon-Sun: 11:00 – 23:00


G Floor, MMall O2O Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 George Town, Malaysia


04-296 9580

Google Map:

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