This Website Offers Ticket Discounts For Wonderfood Museum, Dark Mansion And More


Get pumped local backpackers and travelers in Malaysia, because more places in Malaysia are reopening their gates to visitors along with amazing discounts and sale. In addition, now thanks to trustworthy ticket booking websites and the movement from the government itself, we can visit a lot of places that we wouldn’t even think of going to before.

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Save Money With Wallet-Friendly Tickets

If you have never heard of Wonderfly before, it is a ticket booking website that helps us plan our trip ahead of time. The website offers great ticket sales to tourist attractions and hotels available in Asia. Now that MCO is finally fading away, they are finally back to business with awesome deals to share with us.

Ticket Discounts For Wonderfood Museum, Dark Mansion, And More

Photo: (Facebook) tickets sale

As all of us are aware, Penang currently offers up to 50% discounts for tourist attraction tickets to Penangites. However, if you don’t fall under this category, don’t worry! ‘Cause you can still get a bunch of discounts from this website. Travel smart and you will be sure to make good memories. Among the popular places included in the offer are Dark Mansion Penang, Wonderfood Museum Penang, Penang 3d Trick Art Museum, and Entopia.

Photo: (Facebook) tickets sale
Photo: (Facebook) tickets sale

Keep Each Other Safe

As always friends, we know how much it means to be able to walk freely outside again. So to those of you who planned on surfing into big crowds, make sure to keep your mask on at all times and sanitize your hands every once in a while ya. Travel safe, travel happy!

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