This Floral-Themed Cafe In Penang Serves Unique Eggettes Decked With Roses & More


  • Miodis Cafe serves interesting desserts including plated eggettes with toppings.
  • It has walls covered with flowers, and bird cage-like chairs.
  • This spot is located at Abu Siti Lane.

Greetings! Without a doubt, there are many unique cafes located in the heart of George Town. It is a heavenly spot for all cafe hoppers. You will find everything under the sun from minimal cafes to over the top cafes. It is time to add another one to your list. Check out this floral-themed cafe, beautifully decorated with flowers on the walls, and on desserts, too!

Introducing Miodis Cafe At Abu Siti Lane

Photo: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)
Image: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)
Photo: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)

Strategically located at Abu Siti Lane, it is definitely hard to miss out on Miodis Cafe. The exterior is like no other with green walls and large arched windows. This spot definitely screams modern Parisian vibes. Step inside, and you will find walls decked in pastel flowers and leaves. Of course, it comes with a bird cage-like chairs to match the entire theme!

Photo: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)
Image: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)
Photo: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)

Now, let’s talk about some food. It appears that Miodis Cafe serves some Western breakfast and finger food options. But, that’s not the main attraction of Miodis Cafe! Dessert lovers will need to check out its one of kind presentation of eggettes. Miodis Cafe creatively decorated Hong Kong’s beloved street snack into plated desserts packed with fruits, cookies, wafers, marshmallows, and ice-cream shaped in roses!

Perfect Instagram-Worthy Spot In George Town

Photo: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)
Photo: Miodis Cafe (Facebook)

If you are looking for a cafe to unwind with your girlfriends over the weekends, Miodis is a good option to visit. Its refreshing take on desserts with plated eggettes and beverages with frozen chocolate bears looks appealing. It is time to start tagging your girlfriends to have a visit! So, what are you doing over the weekends? Let us know in the comments!

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