This Disabled Uncle Delivers Bread And Cakes Around Penang To Support Himself

Hello foodies! With so many issues ongoing around the world lately, surely, we’ll need something good to balance it all out. If you’re looking to give something back to the community, even the tiniest form of action will contribute a whole lot of impact. And this is exactly what Mr. Robert Cheah is doing right now.


Mr. Robert Cheah Delivers Bread And Cakes Around Sentral College

Mr. Robert Cheah, aged 72, is known for his countless of kind deeds to the community. Despite being disabled after losing part of his left leg, Mr. Robert perseveres and strives to do his best to help out the people around him. Last year, he went around Penang distributing parking coupons.

Photo: @TheStar

His kindness doesn’t stop there, in fact, right now, he is distributing freshly baked goods from Adventist around Penang. On his four-wheeled motorcycle, Mr. Robert will be around Sentral College from 10.30 AM to 2 PM, Monday to Friday.

Posted on his personal Facebook page, Mr. Robert expressed his profound gratitude to Adventist Bakery for supplying him with baked goods. Among the options, there are cinnamon rolls, egg tarts, butter cakes, Sprouted 3 seeds loaf, wholemeal bread loaf, oats (1kg), as well as rolled oats (1kg).

Photo: @BengHupCheah (Facebook)

Kindness Goes A Long Way

So, if you’re around the area, do drop by and support Mr. Robert’s sincere, honest undertakings. In addition to that, you can also place your orders two days in advance. Just drop Mr. Robert a line at 013 489 4808.

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